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  2. Ustulo by Christiaan van Wyk *Download: https://workupload.com/file/Vgz4kHyvhU8 | http://ge.tt/4Nkz9B63
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  4. Newsreader - 42 fonts - Variable version included - https://github.com/productiontype/NewsReader
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  6. Atami - Modern Sans Serif Font [6 Weights] https://workupload.com/file/3sGvzVEh64g
  7. Lovely Girl dopwnload: https://workupload.com/file/nzZ6L8LFZhr
  8. starlight download: https://workupload.com/file/mMYLmVnV8Lw
  9. http://www.machinelearningfont.com/#mlfquote
  10. Free Bundles 1-5 AIO. Thanks to @jazazello! https://workupload.com/file/utaCbRkQZUa
  11. Bundle 5 (2+1+1+1+1+1+21+1+1 styles -- OTF/TTF/WEB) Includes: Arrow, Axel Grotesk, Callina, Elephant, Karl Zone, Rassvet, Redaction, Roraima, Warning. Mediafire Workupload
  12. 3 free fonts from Type Departement Octane variable (1xTTF/WEB) Mediaeval regular (1xOTF) Brokat v.1.0 (1xTTF) Workupload Mediafire
  13. Bundle 4 (1+1+1+1+2+1+1+1+6 -- OTF/TTF/WEB, Variable) Includes: Baleine, Elena, Elysian, Greenth, Karrik, Leorio, Piedmont, Republiko, Space Cowgirl Mediafire Workupload
  14. Fonarto 2.0 - Classic Sans Serif Typeface [3-Weights] + Fonarto XT 2.0 3 TTF | 4 OTF https://workupload.com/file/cLWu93BMP68
  15. Polli sans and mono (8xOTF) by Will Albin-Clark https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/will-albin-clark/polli-sans/ Workupload Mediafire
  16. Castle Octopus https://www.fontspace.com/castle-octopus-font-f24572 https://workupload.com/file/WN6WgUq92B9
  17. Bundle 3 (1+4+5+6+1+2+1+4+1 styles -- OTF/TTF/WEB) Includes: Answer, Domitian, Epigraphica, Erewhon, Evening, Friz Quad, Otomanopee, New Century Schoolbook, Zaklad. Workupload Mediafire
  18. Bundle 2 (1+1+1+4+1+16+1+1+1 styles -- OTF/TTF/WEB) Includes: Billos, Blokk, Cute Chars, Cyrulik, Dottera, Junius X, Libertinage, Mixo, Poster Boy. Mediafire Workupload
  19. Free bundle 1 ( 2+1+1+2+1+1+20+2+2 styles -- OTF/TTF/WEB/GX) Includes: Bodini Poster, Cantique, Fachada, Prever, Future Poster, Ribes Black, Texturina, Tokeely Brookings, Undin http://www.mediafire.com/file/6bmt7ijni1041vm/FreeBund1.zip/file https://workupload.com/file/yHnuEV2CK7y
  20. Nice modern foundry: NON You can download trials here: https://nonfoundry.com/Typefaces
  21. Is there a chance someone could post an AIO of these beauties?
  22. Savage Brush download: https://workupload.com/file/pgvHucZTc2z
  23. Bridge of Astania download: https://workupload.com/file/wm9StfZHwkR
  24. snowy1516

    Yumna Type

    Angelia download: https://workupload.com/file/4YQBuujP4wR
  25. Thanks Tom. That's useful because I only had Regular Styles in TTF and Bold Styles in OTF. Looks as if the Stencil styles might be a gem lost forever!
  26. I only found links for non-stencil fonts here: https://web.archive.org/web/20140208004929/http://pc.de/fonts/ https://web.archive.org/web/20140702021852if_/http://pc.de/fonts/pcde_regular_ttf.zip https://web.archive.org/web/20140702031010if_/http://pc.de/fonts/pcde_regular_otf_ttf.zip https://web.archive.org/web/20140702025551if_/http://pc.de/fonts/pcde_regular_otf.zip https://web.archive.org/web/20140702020130if_/http://pc.de/fonts/pcde_bold_ttf.zip https://web.archive.org/web/20140702020343if_/http://pc.de/fonts/pcde_bold_otf_ttf.zip https://web.archive.org/web/20140702031308if_/http://pc.de/fonts/pcde_bold_otf.zip
  27. I don't know whether PC.DE Stencil Regular/Bold+Italics were in #19 above. Can anyone help find these please? Although custom they were free and downloadable from PC.DE website which no longer exists. TIA.
  28. Sora family by..... Sora (7xOTF/TTF + variable) https://workupload.com/file/vuPU2pf3Dfv
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