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  4. Florio

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    Wow! Thanks a lot for the Linetos. The Mono version is very nice.

    It, too, reminded me to drop a line to Mr. Joad.

    I hope everything is safe and healthy with you and your loved ones. Have you had a vaccination by now? I have had my first shot of AstraZeneca on April 16th and will get the second one Juli. Yesterday was sunny (first day since I don't know when. It's an ugly May) and one could sit outdoors of cafés, restaurants etc. without restriction and/or testing. Of course we spent a lot of time in the beer garden. Yippie!!!

    All the best

    1. parv

      [Member parv…]

      Oh here in Belgium springtime has been cold and May wasn't only cold but wet too. And now we're having an early summer and I guess it's similar in Germany. Here too, terraces have opened since a few weeks but the weather didn't make it fun. So now everybody goes to pubs again like crazy. And soon (9th of June) we'll be able to do a lot more, even sit inside a pub! 😉
      And invite 50 people in our garden! (if your garden is big enough of course). Not that I would ever invite that many people but the fact that you can do it is worth something....

      I had my invitation for a vaccine but I'm hoping to decline it for now, let's wait and see how the situation evolves. I'm not too eager to get three shots of a vaccine that I may not even need. But I guess I won't be able to avoid it forever since I'm a teacher and I also like to travel...

  5. Nays

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    Ms Claudy posted... 

  6. spacegirl

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    Rebecca Lily 

    Lily Orgs Presets (Good+Thing +2)


  7. spacegirl

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    Rebecca Lily 

    Pro Sets I, II, III








  8. Pilo

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    Welcome to Design | Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  9. slashdotdash

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    Hi Parv,

    What does it mean, Untouched WF? Web font? Are they to be considered originals or rips?


    1. parv

      [Member parv…]

      Untouched WF = untouched webfont. It means that the font was used as webfont, ripped from the site and not altered before sharing (usually when they are not protected and don't need to be fixed). We only call them original if they match retail desktop fonts (and can be verified as such at MyFonts). At other forums, they often just label them as originals without verifying.

      Very often, webfonts are TTF while retail desktop fonts from certain foundries are OTF. But in some cases (DSType for instance) the webfonts are OTF. I think the DSType ones are probably original but we can't check since most of the new ones are no longer sold at MyFonts.

      About Feliciano: they are very close to original (I know because I have some of them as original). Same file size but md5 checksums are different.

    2. slashdotdash

      [Member slas…]

      Thank you very much for the detailed explanation! Is the kerning retained with Web Font Rips? Or is something else lost that is inferior to the original?

    3. parv

      [Member parv…]

      Webfont rips come in all kinds of sizes and formats. Some have a reduced glyph set, or lack OT features, or can have some problems with the glyph outlines. Sometimes the vertical metrics are different than the original. And very often the internal names are messed up and have to be fixed before you can use them. But a lot of webfonts have a complete glyph set, kerning and OT features. The ones from Feliciano are as good as original, the ones from DSType too (and might even be 100% original). In some (rare) cases, original .otf files are used as webfonts (Latinotype for instance, some recent Suitcase Type...)

  10. JenniBee

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    I was wondering if you'd like to change my font list on Post #53 CM/Digital Typeface Studio.

    The list was way to long and would have been better if the font names were on scrolling text. 

    My Text editor does not have the <> code tool.

    If you have time and don't mind, maybe you could fix it so it would be easier for others to read.

    If you feel like it's okay the way it is, please disregard my message.



    1. parv

      [Member parv…]

      Hi Jennibee, I fixed your list, no problem! If you can't find the code tool in the editor, it's always possible to add the code manually: 

      begin with [code] and end with [/code]


    2. JenniBee

      [Member Jenn…]

      Thank you so much Parv. I think the scrolling list is so much neater.

      Also, Thank You for the "code" information, that is helpful.

      Have a great weekend.


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