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  1. Possible for an "AIO" for this thread...old posts, and expired-unaccessible links for most. TIA G.
  2. Bump for an AIO of this author. TIA
  3. Most links appear to be croaked here....can someone who has them pls do a reup (AIO) ? TIA G.
  4. A reload of post #7 would be great. TIA G.
  5. IF anyone has an AIO of these 3 posts,would be great. thanks. G.
  6. All links croaked...reups pls if someone has them. TIA G.
  7. wow....anychance someone has these? TIA
  8. https://workupload.com/file/MUEtF8M
  9. pls repost Ares Modernos, missed it.thanksG.
  10. Did anyone get these before the hosters went awol? TIA
  11. mirror if anyone downloaded these pls.TIAG.
  12. missed most of these...if someone could post an AIO would be awesome.TIAG
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