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  1. It is for free at dafont: https://www.dafont.com/hisyam-script.font?text=Wolfgang-Amad%E9+Mozarts+B%E4%DFle+%E4u%DFerte+sich+1762+in+%D6sterreich
  2. snowy1516's download links are bit suspicious to me (hugenet wants me to install a download software...) I am, too, asking myself, what the sense of using mirrorcreator might be, when you are only offering ONE SINGLE download link? Better and faster is this solution: Find all Emily Spadoni freebies in one place at dafont:
  3. Florio

    Font Squirrel

    Re-up of post #3 FontSquirrel 45 new free fonts (Newest, 2014-02-18). Thanks to FontSeeker!
  4. Rany Julek corrected height (everything was out of boundary) I included two alternate versions, which only affect the german double s,which I felt free to add.
  5. Here is a preview: http://www.carvalho-bernau.com/jlg/ And BTW: It was/is a free font on the ocasion of Godard’s 80th birthday (3 December 2010)
  6. @warbeagle: Everything from your list except Waltenberg and Wendel: http://ge.tt/7uj7PsR/v/0
  7. Here is the direct link to Alegreya on FontSquirrel: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/alegreya
  8. Here is the link to dafont for the direct and hassle-free download of fonts by DLVASTF Typethreatment. You will find more fonts there, too. http://www.dafont.com/agus-riyanto.d2776
  9. Can someone please re-up to another filehoster? 4shared wants me to register. TIA
  10. Mission Script has slightly and Mavon Pro heavily cut off descenders. Download of both with corrected height:
  11. I cannot pay with a tweet! I am not on facebook! Can I have a mirror, please?
  12. mudfrogs post re-up: http://pilo.me/showthread.php?23412-M%E5ns-Greb%E4ck&p=110861#post110861 http://www54.zippyshare.com/v/86879044/file.html
  13. Florio


    Can someone re-up Mister Pablo - Mexican Blackletter, please? TIA
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