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  1. http://www.machinelearningfont.com/#mlfquote
  2. Tunera was founded in january 2020 by Ariel Martín Pérez, an art director, type designer and illustrator based in Paris. Anton Moglia joined him in this project soon afterwards. Brassia v1.6 (x1 OTF + web) Canarina (x1 OTF + web) GeneraleStation (x4 OTF + variable + web) Kobata v1.5 (x2 OTF + variable + web) Manosque (x1 OTF + web) Paysage v2.0 (x4 OTF + web) Download direct on their site - http://www.tunera.xyz/
  3. Covid Infected by Studio Najbrt Download here: https://www.najbrt.cz/en/detail/covid
  4. Brizeux font family by Véfa Lucas et Roman Seban. The graphic designer Véfa Lucas created this font with the students from Brizeux à Lorient. Direct link here: http://www.brizeux-typographie.fr/
  5. https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/planners/design-your-own-sofa-pube4af8d71?tduid=8bb378dbe410a3186f4e883066c241f2&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_name=generic&utm_term=conversion&utm_content=deeplink&utm_source=SKimlinks+DE
  6. Font Fonk Fork is a two days workshop initiated by Velvetyne Type Foundry at La Générale. From Cooper Hewitt typeface to create new derivations. Just like the original font, our creations are free to use, study and modify. Download all the fonts here: http://velvetyne.fr/fontfonkfork/ http://velvetyne.fr/fontfonkfork/coupeur-pack.zip
  7. opti


    TilburgsAns (just say Ans) is the raw, joyful, idiosyncratic, humorous and experimental typeface based on the character of the city of Tilburg in the south of the Netherlands. It can be downloaded for free by everyone who wants to use it for his or her publication. Four weights are available: Light, Regular, Bold and Black. Furthermore there’s the font TilburgsAnsPict, identical to TilburgsAns Regular, but extended with a surprising feature: fifty typical Tilburg icons are incorporated in this font. They can be accessed by typing the words they represent. An overview of these icons is showed o
  8. opti

    Teo Tuominen

    Can you uploaded once again. your file as nothing on it :(
  9. Bad type for bad type. Remember: Ugly guys use a mask not only on carnival. And i don’t want your job ;) Cheers
  10. find it here: http://www.dotcolon.net/font/font.php?id=3
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