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    Widow with 2 grown married daughters, a granddaughter and TWO Furbabies.

    Love music, a glass or two of good wine, books, computers, the fall & spring in Tennessee.


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  1. Parv,

    I was wondering if you'd like to change my font list on Post #53 CM/Digital Typeface Studio.

    The list was way to long and would have been better if the font names were on scrolling text. 

    My Text editor does not have the <> code tool.

    If you have time and don't mind, maybe you could fix it so it would be easier for others to read.

    If you feel like it's okay the way it is, please disregard my message.



    1. parv


      Hi Jennibee, I fixed your list, no problem! If you can't find the code tool in the editor, it's always possible to add the code manually: 

      begin with [code] and end with [/code]


    2. JenniBee


      Thank you so much Parv. I think the scrolling list is so much neater.

      Also, Thank You for the "code" information, that is helpful.

      Have a great weekend.


  2. Would anyone have the following, Threads 68, 70, and 71. Thread 68, When Oceans Rise Thread 70, Miss Kindergarden, No Regrets, Arrows, Broken Vessels Sketch and Only Human Thread 71, KG Neatly Printed, KG PDX Block and Summer Storm All the Links from 68 to 71 are Dead. Thank You in Advance for looking and possibly sharing. Huggs, Jenn
  3. Love the new Sig!

  4. Thank YOU LazyVampire. Have a GREAT Weekend ~!!

  5. very nice , thank you !

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