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  1. Squad Regular (1/18 - Original - OT/TT) - https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/font-fabric/squad/
  2. Song Writer Fonts - No Longer available David Bowie.ttf John Lennon.ttf Kurt Cobain.ttf Leonard Cohen.ttf Serge Gainsbourg.ttf
  3. Inter UI v2.5 (4 Styles - original - OTF/TTF/WF) - https://rsms.me/inter/ Inter UI is a typeface specially designed for user interfaces with focus on high legibility of small-to-medium sized text on computer screens. The family features a tall x-height to aid in readability of mixed-case and lower-case text. Several OpenType features are provided as well, like contextual alternates that adjusts punctuation depending on the shape of surrounding glyphs, slashed zero for when you need to disambiguate "0" from "o", tabular numbers, etc.
  4. Barlow (54 styles - original - OTF/TTF) - https://github.com/jpt/barlow Barlow is a slightly rounded, low-contrast, grotesk font superfamily designed by Jeremy Tribby. The typeface draws from the visual style of the California public, sharing qualities with the state's car plates, highway signs, buses, and trains.
  5. BlazerMan


    Thanks @opti TilburgAns (4 Styles - Original - OTF) + 1 x .EPS Cheers!
  6. Just adding open source at github for updates of Hack - Thanks ~siegfried (code looks fantastic with hack!)
  7. Miss Kindergarten (1 x TTF), No Regrets (1 x TTF), Arrows (1 x TTF), Broken Vessels Sketch (1 x TTF) and Only Human (1 x TTF) - http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/kimberly-geswein/kg-miss-kindergarten | http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/kimberly-geswein/kg-no-regrets | http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/kimberly-geswein/kg-arrows | http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/kimberly-geswein/kg-broken-vessels-sketch | http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/kimberly-geswein/kg-only-human
  8. @dash I meant link to download Ebook in PDF format mate.. @smilinjohn, Links posted in ost#1.. Works fine..
  9. Appreciative of yourside, if you can post the link for the book too.. Cheers
  10. @Chiron, i cannot understand how and why fontforge is unable to detect fontfile EDIT my linux fontforge program failed, thats the reason i missed on font files, now re-install fontforge can get files inside Cheers guys :)
  11. They are clever guys mate, They have embedded images inside instead of Fonts ;) Cheers
  12. Mercurial GUI pc http://tortoisehg.bitbucket.org/download/
  13. Link Down :( Download part 5: http://www.embedupload.com/?d=8EM0CCMTZI Can someone please re-up :)
  14. Blanch | 6 x OTF(Complete) http://ge.tt/4vuhfFS/v/0 http://drop.st/zDdYHD http://rghost.net/41778886 password : internal-shared@pilo.me
  15. Maven Pro Regular | Medium | Bold Type : TTF | OTF | WebFonts : woff | svg | eot
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