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  1. about and preview: http://www.shiftography.de/
  2. I'm sorry but I don't have the ebook. I only have the print version. Sorry!
  3. The link to the book is: http://fab.com/sale/22677/product/336936/
  4. 57 Fonts comes with the book of Pedro Guitton, A Homage to Typography. http://fab.com/sale/22677/product/336936/ Fonts inluded: Artvod, Autobahn Gelvetica, Autobahn Heldentica, Autobahn Tomatica, B2 Ornamental Style, Batarkham, Bebete, Bechira Flickr, BigCirle, Blind Liddy, Braille Double System, Cakewalk, Camino, Caqui Chocolate, Case, Colonel Grotesque Bold, Creatinin Pap, DAC WT, Espiral, FC Autobahn, FLR-Cuadrant, FLR-Expanded, FLR-Technic, Gasbangers, GGG BYZANZ, Glenn, H2D2 Lefthand, H2D2 Tape, Helvetica Mediterranean, iaia, Jacta, Kuy Digital, Manifesta, Mantequería, Mina Gothic, New Bauhaus, New Bauhaus, Ninfa, Nughotica, OsonoroMaxin-Caramuxo, Ottavia, På Stan Italic, Paef, Payopony, Pingos, Plowboys, Possessa, Romeo & Juliet, S-L, Strings, Happy Ends, Tapewriter, Theo & Phil, Times No Roman, Trimatic, Triplanum Monospace, Union Agrochem, VegasOne, Zulma downloadlink: http://www.speedyshare.com/wR3Cm/AHTT.zip or http://ge.tt/1xDm2Jp/v/0?c _________________ pass: type.is
  5. Manuel Persa – Feather Type (Free Font) 26 Letters in PSD Format http://manuelpersa.com/31453/1163912/home-/feathertype-%28free-font%29 download: http://www.load.to/vdnZXkvlFt/FeatherType_download.rar
  6. Vollkorn (Free Font) http://friedrichalthausen.de/?page_id=411 Complete Family TrueType Download: http://massmirror.com/da37217644c0355c3afc6990a2a044bf.html
  7. You can also check out this one: http://www.dafont.com/
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