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  1. Hi Parv,

    What does it mean, Untouched WF? Web font? Are they to be considered originals or rips?


    1. parv


      Untouched WF = untouched webfont. It means that the font was used as webfont, ripped from the site and not altered before sharing (usually when they are not protected and don't need to be fixed). We only call them original if they match retail desktop fonts (and can be verified as such at MyFonts). At other forums, they often just label them as originals without verifying.

      Very often, webfonts are TTF while retail desktop fonts from certain foundries are OTF. But in some cases (DSType for instance) the webfonts are OTF. I think the DSType ones are probably original but we can't check since most of the new ones are no longer sold at MyFonts.

      About Feliciano: they are very close to original (I know because I have some of them as original). Same file size but md5 checksums are different.

    2. slashdotdash


      Thank you very much for the detailed explanation! Is the kerning retained with Web Font Rips? Or is something else lost that is inferior to the original?

    3. parv


      Webfont rips come in all kinds of sizes and formats. Some have a reduced glyph set, or lack OT features, or can have some problems with the glyph outlines. Sometimes the vertical metrics are different than the original. And very often the internal names are messed up and have to be fixed before you can use them. But a lot of webfonts have a complete glyph set, kerning and OT features. The ones from Feliciano are as good as original, the ones from DSType too (and might even be 100% original). In some (rare) cases, original .otf files are used as webfonts (Latinotype for instance, some recent Suitcase Type...)

  2. about and preview: http://www.shiftography.de/
  3. I'm sorry but I don't have the ebook. I only have the print version. Sorry!
  4. The link to the book is: http://fab.com/sale/22677/product/336936/
  5. 57 Fonts comes with the book of Pedro Guitton, A Homage to Typography. http://fab.com/sale/22677/product/336936/ Fonts inluded: Artvod, Autobahn Gelvetica, Autobahn Heldentica, Autobahn Tomatica, B2 Ornamental Style, Batarkham, Bebete, Bechira Flickr, BigCirle, Blind Liddy, Braille Double System, Cakewalk, Camino, Caqui Chocolate, Case, Colonel Grotesque Bold, Creatinin Pap, DAC WT, Espiral, FC Autobahn, FLR-Cuadrant, FLR-Expanded, FLR-Technic, Gasbangers, GGG BYZANZ, Glenn, H2D2 Lefthand, H2D2 Tape, Helvetica Mediterranean, iaia, Jacta, Kuy Digital, Manifesta, Mantequería, Mina Goth
  6. Manuel Persa – Feather Type (Free Font) 26 Letters in PSD Format http://manuelpersa.com/31453/1163912/home-/feathertype-%28free-font%29 download: http://www.load.to/vdnZXkvlFt/FeatherType_download.rar
  7. Vollkorn v 2.1 (4 styles - Free Font - TT) - http://vollkorn-typeface.com Complete Family Download: http://massmirror.com/da37217644c0355c3afc6990a2a044bf.html
  8. You can also check out this one: http://www.dafont.com/
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