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  1. Pinoy Komiks Fonts - Edgar Tadeo - http://fonts.edtadeo.com/ Includes: AnuDaw • Balut Penoy • Bloque Block Black • Crest Hut Butt Shop • Crest Hut Butt Shop 2.0 • Dot Tones Komiks • Ed's Fat Hand Komiks • Florante at Laura • Fontie Komiks • Gong! • Indie Komiks Sketch • Jacara Zar Font • Kampanerong Kuba • Karatula • Katha't Guhit • Kikay Pen • Kilabot ng Balete • Kwentong Barbero • Letratista • Lito Lapad • Paete Round • Paete Square • Paos Na Sigaw • PooTech • Potek Nga! • Potek! • Rough Title • Taba Ko • Tagapagsalaysay Caps (Narrator) • Tinapa Wrap • Tunog Kanto • Tuyot • Wakasan Font • Yew Basturd • Yew Basturd Script
  2. Typoasis is gone but you can still access all its pages at the Wayback Machine and Steffmann's is at: https://web.archive.org/web/20151226074006/http://moorstation.org/typoasis/designers/steffmann/index.htm
  3. Arima Koshi + Arima Madurai + Exo 1 + Exo Condensed + Exo Expanded - http://ndiscovered.com
  4. Dynamic CP + Les Tuyaux (1+1 styles - OTF) - https://www.dafont.com/claudep.d857?sort=date
  5. Bonte Divine + Jeux Cache (1+1 styles - OTF)
  6. AIO (12 styles - TTF) - Thanks snowy1516 - http://www.fontspace.com/cat-butcher Alexandra Orléans Atelier du Machiniste Castle Octopus Docteur Tacotac Fontaine de Diamant Heart Romance Midnight Legend Ornament of Archaeological Road of Deal Sanctuaire du Machiniste Seduction of Cristabelle Valentina de Queensland
  7. AIO | Thanks to original sharers 47\47-Bold.otf 47\47-Bold.ttf 47\47-BoldItalic.otf 47\47-BoldItalic.ttf Coco\Coco-Bold.otf Coco\Coco-BoldCondensed.otf Coco\Coco-BoldCondensedItalic.otf Coco\Coco-BoldItalic.otf Coco\Coco-Condensed.otf Coco\Coco-CondensedItalic.otf Coco\Coco-Italic.otf Coco\Coco-Regular.otf Glamor\Glamor-Bold.otf Glamor\Glamor-Bold.ttf Glamor\Glamor-BoldCondensed.otf Glamor\Glamor-BoldCondensed.ttf Glamor\Glamor-BoldCondensedItalic.otf Glamor\Glamor-BoldCondensedItalic.ttf Glamor\Glamor-BoldExtended.otf Glamor\Glamor-BoldExtended.ttf Glamor\Glamor-BoldExtendedItalic.otf Glamor\Glamor-BoldExtendedItalic.ttf Glamor\Glamor-BoldItalic.otf Glamor\Glamor-BoldItalic.ttf Glamor\Glamor-Condensed.otf Glamor\Glamor-Condensed.ttf Glamor\Glamor-CondensedItalic.otf Glamor\Glamor-CondensedItalic.ttf Glamor\Glamor-Extended.otf Glamor\Glamor-Extended.ttf Glamor\Glamor-ExtendedItalic.otf Glamor\Glamor-ExtendedItalic.ttf Glamor\Glamor-Italic.otf Glamor\Glamor-Italic.ttf Glamor\Glamor-Light.otf Glamor\Glamor-Light.ttf Glamor\Glamor-LightCondensed.otf Glamor\Glamor-LightCondensed.ttf Glamor\Glamor-LightCondensedItalic.otf Glamor\Glamor-LightCondensedItalic.ttf Glamor\Glamor-LightExtended.otf Glamor\Glamor-LightExtended.ttf Glamor\Glamor-LightExtendedItalic.otf Glamor\Glamor-LightExtendedItalic.ttf Glamor\Glamor-LightItalic.otf Glamor\Glamor-LightItalic.ttf Glamor\Glamor-Medium.otf Glamor\Glamor-Medium.ttf Glamor\Glamor-MediumCondensed.otf Glamor\Glamor-MediumCondensed.ttf Glamor\Glamor-MediumCondensedItali.otf Glamor\Glamor-MediumCondensedItali.ttf Glamor\Glamor-MediumExtended.otf Glamor\Glamor-MediumExtended.ttf Glamor\Glamor-MediumExtendedItalic.otf Glamor\Glamor-MediumExtendedItalic.ttf Glamor\Glamor-MediumItalic.otf Glamor\Glamor-MediumItalic.ttf Glamor\Glamor-Regular.otf Glamor\Glamor-Regular.ttf Magna\Magna-BlackCondensed.otf Magna\Magna-BlackCondensed.ttf Valkyrie\Valkyrie-Bold.ttf Valkyrie\Valkyrie-BoldCondensed.ttf Valkyrie\Valkyrie-BoldCondensedItali.ttf Valkyrie\Valkyrie-BoldExtended.ttf Valkyrie\Valkyrie-BoldExtendedItalic.ttf Valkyrie\Valkyrie-BoldItalic.ttf Valkyrie\Valkyrie-Condensed.ttf Valkyrie\Valkyrie-CondensedItalic.ttf Valkyrie\Valkyrie-Extended.ttf Valkyrie\Valkyrie-ExtendedItalic.ttf Valkyrie\Valkyrie-Italic.ttf Valkyrie\Valkyrie-Regular.ttf Vanity\Vanity-Bold.otf Vanity\Vanity-Bold.ttf Vanity\Vanity-BoldItalic.otf Vanity\Vanity-BoldItalic.ttf Vanity\Vanity-BoldNarrow.otf Vanity\Vanity-BoldNarrow.ttf Vanity\Vanity-BoldNarrowItalic.otf Vanity\Vanity-BoldNarrowItalic.ttf Vanity\Vanity-BoldWide.otf Vanity\Vanity-BoldWide.ttf Vanity\Vanity-BoldWideItalic.otf Vanity\Vanity-BoldWideItalic.ttf Vanity\Vanity-Light.otf Vanity\Vanity-Light.ttf Vanity\Vanity-LightItalic.otf Vanity\Vanity-LightItalic.ttf Vanity\Vanity-LightNarrow.otf Vanity\Vanity-LightNarrow.ttf Vanity\Vanity-LightNarrowItalic.otf Vanity\Vanity-LightNarrowItalic.ttf Vanity\Vanity-LightWide.otf Vanity\Vanity-LightWide.ttf Vanity\Vanity-LightWideItalic.otf Vanity\Vanity-LightWideItalic.ttf
  8. Zenith CP + Whitin (1+1 styles - OTF) - http://www.dafont.com/claudep.d857
  9. No. 04 - Plakat (1 style - OTF/WOFF)
  10. Fresh from MyFonts - Marista and Treatise, and added Tengwar Transliteral (1+1+1 x OTF). All are free weights from MyFonts. Thanks to Komilfo
  11. Two more - Banana Chip Muffins + Late Night * Love Notes (1xTTF each) - http://www.fontspace.com/designs-by-brielle And one more from Dafont - Apple Spice (1xTTF) - http://www.dafont.com/brielle-lang.d6104
  12. Louisa CP (1xOTF) Based on Louisa from page 56 of Dan Solo's Script and Cursive Alphabets: 100 Complete Fonts
  13. Grandee CP update - fixed problems in original versions and added swash alternates
  14. Bolina | OTF
  15. Grandee CP Small problem in the font - Ntilde has no tilde and Aring has no ring. aring and ntilde are fine. Easy to fix but Claude said he will fix it in the next version (Dans la prochaine version).
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