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  1. Welcome to Design | Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  2. @jazazello please use a file hosting service. We do not allow hosting of files on our site. Thanks!
  3. Dude Hank Pro - http://www.losttype.com/font/?name=hankpro
  4. Enemy - http://www.losttype.com/font/?name=enemy
  5. http://losttype.com Post Updated with latest updates from July 18, 2011 If you like any of the fonts shared from this foundry, please, please, please support these fonts by offering to pay what you want for the specific fonts you may be interested in. Even if it is a few bucks, this type of type foundry model is how it should be. Let's support this idea and the quality of work being offered from this site now and in the future. Previews: http://losttype.com/browse/ D
  6. Bob - Let me be the first to congratulate you. That is a tremendous amount of effort and work. I can only imagine how proud you are. I just want you to know all of us at Pilo appreciate you sharing this here. We are quite honored.
  7. dafont - free fonts - complete site collection as of 5.21.2008 - 8024 fonts dafont - download - part 1 dafont - download - part 2 dafont - download - part 3 dafont - download - part 4 dafont - download - part 5 dafont.com-Preview
  8. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RB6KY1RA Did not locate a preview list: 7-7000.ttf 24Track.ttf 45.ttf 1159 2003.ttf 2004.ttf Ace.ttf Actually.ttf ActualSize.ttf Adonis.ttf AllModCons.ttf Alright.ttf Alvin.ttf AmericanGirls.ttf Amp.ttf Amplifier.ttf AmyJohnson.ttf Ana.ttf AppleScruffs.ttf Assclown.ttf Astro.ttf Automat.ttf Babylon.ttf Bachelorette.ttf BachelorPad.ttf BackToMono.ttf BadToMe.ttf Bait.ttf Ball.ttf Balls.ttf BananaSeat.ttf BarkingDog.ttf BazookaJoe.ttf BBQcow moo.ttf Beeper.ttf BetchaByGollyWow.ttf Betrayal.ttf BFBigmouth.ttf Big Boy.ttf BigBeatBold.ttf BigBigLove.ttf B
  9. Pilo


    Fontstruct - Download Fontstruct - Preview list: 5x8_basic_matrix.ttf 15_square.ttf 128k_mac.ttf afterburn.ttf agrar_unicase_black.ttf agrar_unicase.ttf allurium.ttf alto.ttf am_i_see_are_you_pee_see_eh.ttf americana.ttf amstrad_cpc_extended.ttf amstrad.ttf anna63_display_small_caps.ttf anna91_regular.ttf anotherone.ttf anotheronebis.ttf anton_pxl.ttf apple_iie_40.ttf ar_leammone.ttf arcade_fever.ttf armorath_006.ttf asgard_elongated.ttf asgard_titling_small_caps.ttf asgard.ttf autobus_sign.ttf avinguda_light.ttf avinguda.ttf azertyperegular.ttf baby.ttf babybaby.ttf bad_news_bas
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