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  1. Elega, Decani and Dalle
  2. http://andrewpaglinawan.com/ Pagli Roman - OT http://andrewpaglinawan.com/category/typefaces/#pagli-roman-2 Chiq -6 x OT http://andrewpaglinawan.com/category/typefaces/#chiq Quicksand - 7 x OT http://andrewpaglinawan.com/category/typefaces/#quicksand download http://d.pr/f/aL5z
  3. http://rafocastro.com/category/type/ arranha.ttf ArtesanatoPC.ttf AutoramaPC.ttf CadeirasPC.ttf CapoeiraPC.ttf cega.ttf CriancaDingsPC.ttf EletrodomePC.ttf FamiliaDingsPC.ttf FolclorePC.ttf Gunplay.ttf MapaBrasilPC.ttf MascarasOrixasPC.ttf olea.ttf OrixasPC.ttf pobrereticula.ttf SertaoPC.ttf TraficoPC.ttf UnsCarasPC.ttf wonderland.ttf YogaPC.ttf download http://drop.st/zKczYj
  4. WEBSITE / Previews http://www.i-dat.org/projects/ibeam/index.htm IBeam Architects Edition http://www.i-dat.org/projects/ibeam/archive.htm IBeam Dancers Edition http://www.i-dat.org/projects/ibeam/dancers.htm IBeam Dyslexics Edition http://www.i-dat.org/projects/ibeam/dyslexics.htm Not really usuable - but I really like such projects - and the fonts are free DOWNLOAD all PCTT/ MAC at once new link May 2012 http://minus.com/me7bDCq75
  5. Could someone please re-up the AIO collection? TY !
  6. http://www.richytype.de/ RT Klara Sans(1).otf RT Klara Sans.otf RTBasta-Bold.otf RTBlindblock.otf RTBlindstrich.otf RTFrancesca(1).otf RTFrancesca-Bold.otf RTFrancesca-Italic.otf RTFrancesca.otf RTGerda-Black.otf RTGerda-Bold.otf
  7. Clip Condensed(1).pfb Clip Condensed(1).pfm Clip Condensed(1).ttf Clip Condensed.pfb Clip Condensed.pfm Clip Condensed.ttf Clip_Condensed.otf Destiny Light.pfb Destiny Light.pfm Destiny Light.ttf DestinyLightC.otf DionisiiOTF Italic.otf
  8. Pecita OT v3.0.0 (3053 glyphs!) by Phillippe Cochy http://pecita.eu/police-en.php DL http://www.embedupload.com/?d=8RKAVMEJJ1
  9. Is there an easy way to download the fonts all at once ? If someone knows how - could you please download and post them in the Free fonts sharing thread? TYIA !!
  10. Mapdings - OT Dingbat typeface created for mapmaking. Designer: Alaric Garnier http://www.alaricgarnier.fr/pages/mapdings.html DL Font + two pdf files http://www.embedupload.com/?d=7RLXCVUSLH
  11. The updated (mostly OT) versions from http://www.fontenvironment.com/index.php?cat=Fonts AIO :http://www.embedupload.com/?d=9MNCMGMRUO FE Grungee 23.ttf FE-10Lil'Ghosts.otf FE-20Faces.otf FE-Banner.otf FE-BlackBox.otf FE-BoxFont.otf FE-BoxFontNegative.otf FE-BoxinaBox.otf FE-Caterpillar.otf
  12. And 1 more: Adult Dingbats All - TT http://www.embedupload.com/?d=3YMGGBKYU2
  13. He is still active in font business - you can find him and his updated (and sometimes renamed) plus some new fonts here: http://tfvanguard.deviantart.com/ 4EDings.ttf Adventure.ttf Alternity.ttf Anglorunic.ttf Arneson.ttf Aurebesh Normal.ttf Battle Beasts Normal.ttf Beast Wars.ttf Celestial.ttf
  14. I hope at least a few additions are included in my LoveDesign folder. arupino.ttf aurora dance.ttf AuroraDevil Bold.ttf Bloody Valentine.ttf cherry blossom.ttf Cherryblossom ver2.ttf Cherryblossom-ver2.ttf cobra2.ttf Cobra3 AL.ttf Cobra3 KN.ttf Cobra3-AL.ttf
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