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  1. Elega, Decani and Dalle
  2. http://andrewpaglinawan.com/ Pagli Roman - OT http://andrewpaglinawan.com/category/typefaces/#pagli-roman-2 Chiq -6 x OT http://andrewpaglinawan.com/category/typefaces/#chiq Quicksand - 7 x OT http://andrewpaglinawan.com/category/typefaces/#quicksand download http://d.pr/f/aL5z
  3. http://rafocastro.com/category/type/ arranha.ttf ArtesanatoPC.ttf AutoramaPC.ttf CadeirasPC.ttf CapoeiraPC.ttf cega.ttf CriancaDingsPC.ttf EletrodomePC.ttf FamiliaDingsPC.ttf FolclorePC.ttf Gunplay.ttf MapaBrasilPC.ttf MascarasOrixasPC.ttf olea.ttf OrixasPC.ttf pobrereticula.ttf SertaoPC.ttf TraficoPC.ttf UnsCarasPC.ttf wonderland.ttf YogaPC.ttf download http://drop.st/zKczYj
  4. WEBSITE / Previews http://www.i-dat.org/projects/ibeam/index.htm IBeam Architects Edition http://www.i-dat.org/projects/ibeam/archive.htm IBeam Dancers Edition http://www.i-dat.org/projects/ibeam/dancers.htm IBeam Dyslexics Edition http://www.i-dat.org/projects/ibeam/dyslexics.htm Not really usuable - but I really like such projects - and the fonts are free DOWNLOAD all PCTT/ MAC at once new link May 2012 http://minus.com/me7bDCq75
  5. Could someone please re-up the AIO collection? TY !
  6. http://www.richytype.de/ RT Klara Sans(1).otf RT Klara Sans.otf RTBasta-Bold.otf RTBlindblock.otf RTBlindstrich.otf RTFrancesca(1).otf RTFrancesca-Bold.otf RTFrancesca-Italic.otf RTFrancesca.otf RTGerda-Black.otf RTGerda-Bold.otf RTGerda-Italic.otf RTGerda-Light.otf RTGerda-Light.otf RTGerda-LightItalic.otf RTGerda-Simple.otf RTGerda.otf RTKlara-Bold.otf RTKlara-Handtooled.otf RTKlara-Italic.otf RTKlara.otf RTKlaraSans-Bold.otf RTKlaraSans-Italic.otf RTKlebelettera.otf RTlePapa-Italic.otf RTMagellan-Italic.otf RTMagellan.otf RTPixa12Sans.ttf RTPixa12SansCondensed-Condensed.ttf RTPixa12SansSmallCaps.ttf RTPixa12Semi.ttf RTPixa12Serif.ttf RTPixa12SerifSmallCaps.ttf RTQuesta-Hoppel.otf RTQuesta-Italic.otf RTQuesta.otf RTQuesta.ttf RTQuestaSans-Bold.otf RTQuestaSans-Italic.otf RTQuestaSans.otf RTTankstella.otf new links FEB 12 https://rapidshare.com/files/1132168749/RichyT.zip or http://www.file-upload.net/download-4109650/RichyT.zip.html
  7. Clip Condensed(1).pfb Clip Condensed(1).pfm Clip Condensed(1).ttf Clip Condensed.pfb Clip Condensed.pfm Clip Condensed.ttf Clip_Condensed.otf Destiny Light.pfb Destiny Light.pfm Destiny Light.ttf DestinyLightC.otf DionisiiOTF Italic.otf DionisiiOTF Light Italic.otf DionisiiOTF Light.otf DionisiiOTF.otf Display3dOTF.otf Display3DOTF.otf Display_Cyrillic.pfb Display_Cyrillic.pfm Display_Cyrillic.ttf Display_Inverted.pfb Display_Inverted.pfm Display_Inverted.ttf DisplayOTF.otf EL-Symbols OTF.otf EL-Symbols.pfb EL-Symbols.pfm EL-Symbols.ttf EL-SymbolsStd.otf ELSymbols.pfb ELSymbols.pfm ELSymbols.ttf ELSymbolsStd.otf Grafoman(1).pfb Grafoman(1).pfm Grafoman..ttf Grafoman.pfb Grafoman.pfm Grafoman.ttf GrafomanStd.otf GrafomanStd.otf Joke.pfb Joke.pfm Joke.ttf Notice OTF.otf Notice(1).pfb Notice(1).pfm Notice(1).ttf Notice(2).pfb Notice(2).pfm Notice(2).ttf Notice.pfb Notice.pfm Notice.ttf Notice2(1).ttf Notice2.pfb Notice2.pfm Notice2.ttf Notice2Std.otf Notice2Std.otf Notice3Std.otf NoticeStd.otf NoticeStd.otf Remeslo(1).pfb Remeslo(1).pfm Remeslo(1).ttf Remeslo.pfb Remeslo.pfm Remeslo.ttf RemesloC.otf RemesloSTD.otf RemesloSTD.otf Rusticus.otf Rusticus.ttf RusticusStd.otf RusticusStd.otf Shashki.otf DL http://www.embedupload.com/?d=3GCZQ0YWN0
  8. Pecita OT v3.0.0 (3053 glyphs!) by Phillippe Cochy http://pecita.eu/police-en.php DL http://www.embedupload.com/?d=8RKAVMEJJ1
  9. Is there an easy way to download the fonts all at once ? If someone knows how - could you please download and post them in the Free fonts sharing thread? TYIA !!
  10. Mapdings - OT Dingbat typeface created for mapmaking. Designer: Alaric Garnier http://www.alaricgarnier.fr/pages/mapdings.html DL Font + two pdf files http://www.embedupload.com/?d=7RLXCVUSLH
  11. The updated (mostly OT) versions from http://www.fontenvironment.com/index.php?cat=Fonts AIO :http://www.embedupload.com/?d=9MNCMGMRUO FE Grungee 23.ttf FE-10Lil'Ghosts.otf FE-20Faces.otf FE-Banner.otf FE-BlackBox.otf FE-BoxFont.otf FE-BoxFontNegative.otf FE-BoxinaBox.otf FE-Caterpillar.otf FE-CheVivaBanana.otf FE-ComixxBalloons.otf FE-Confetti.otf FE-Dominoes.otf FE-FantastiqueCars.otf FE-FingerprintsInside.otf FE-Headlong.otf FE-KrikkelKrakkel.otf FE-Leonardo'smirrorwriting.otf FE-LittleBigMan.otf FE-Maja'sFlowers.otf FE-MissEllen.otf FE-Mo'Money.otf FE-NaturalSigns.otf FE-Planks.otf FE-PolkaYourEyesOut.otf FE-Sam'sDingbatsNo.2.otf FE-SamsDingbatsNo.1.otf FE-SenselessStrokes.otf FE-TattooNo.1.otf FE-TattooNo.2.otf FE-Tribal.otf FE-Ubiquitous.otf FE-WinPets1.otf FE-WinPets2.otf FE-Yolk.otf FECrayonKids-Regular.otf and some older TPF additions (Typophil with Christoph Scheiblhofer) http://www.embedupload.com/?d=4GENIURCOS TPF Abbetor.ttf TPF Box of Bricks 1L.ttf TPF Box of Bricks 1R.ttf TPF Box of Bricks.ttf TPF Claudia Bold.ttf TPF Claudia Outlined.ttf TPF Claudia.ttf TPF Construct.ttf TPF Creol.ttf TPF Display Symbol.ttf TPF Display.ttf TPF Elephant.ttf TPF Franknvogt Outline.ttf TPF Franknvogt.ttf TPF Gaiety Outlined.ttf TPF Gaiety.ttf TPF Grum Mel Russia.ttf TPF Grum Mel.ttf TPF Jaib Bold.ttf TPF Jaib BoldItalic.ttf TPF Jaib Italic.ttf TPF Jaib.ttf TPF Janus.ttf TPF Krikkel Krakkel.ttf TPF Lor.ttf TPF Modular 1.ttf TPF Modular 2.ttf TPF Modular 3.ttf TPF Modular Symbol.ttf TPF Ploxx.ttf TPF Polka Your Eyes Out.ttf TPF Praktika.ttf TPF Quackery.ttf TPF Rubber Ducky.ttf TPF Senseless Strokes.ttf TPF U13.ttf TPF Ubiquitous.ttf TPF Vacuous Negative.ttf TPF Vacuous.ttf TPF Yolk Bold.ttf TPF Yolk Condensed Bold.ttf TPF Yolk Condensed.ttf TPF Yolk Light.ttf TPF Yolk.ttf
  12. And 1 more: Adult Dingbats All - TT http://www.embedupload.com/?d=3YMGGBKYU2
  13. He is still active in font business - you can find him and his updated (and sometimes renamed) plus some new fonts here: http://tfvanguard.deviantart.com/ 4EDings.ttf Adventure.ttf Alternity.ttf Anglorunic.ttf Arneson.ttf Aurebesh Normal.ttf Battle Beasts Normal.ttf Beast Wars.ttf Celestial.ttf Chinyen.ttf Classic Robot.ttf Comic Book.ttf Convoy.ttf Crystal Deco.ttf Cybertron.ttf Dalelands.ttf Dethek Stone.ttf Diamond Fantasy.ttf Dinobots Normal.ttf Eladrin.ttf Elminster.ttf Emulator.ttf Energon.ttf Equestria.ttf Espruar.ttf Flynn.ttf Fontana.ttf Fractyl.ttf Furmanite.ttf Galaxy Force.ttf Gamedings.ttf Gargoyles.ttf Geddes.ttf Gotham Nights.ttf Gutcruncher.ttf Harpers.ttf Hauser.ttf Imaki.ttf Jedi Hollow Normal.ttf Jedi Solid Normal.ttf Jedi.ttf Jefferies.ttf Jhiaxus.ttf Kanno.ttf Ketchum.ttf LaBouf.ttf Laser Rod.ttf Manga.ttf Masterforce Hollow.ttf Masterforce Solid.ttf Masterforce.ttf Maximus.ttf Medabots.ttf Moria.ttf Morse Tech.ttf Morse Tech.ttf NealeDTFVanG.zip Neverwinter.ttf Nightwarrior.ttf Nippon Tech.ttf Niteclub.ttf Okuda.ttf Omnicron.ttf OpTic.ttf Optimus.ttf Pacmania.ttf Planewalker.ttf Pocket Starfleet Normal.ttf Powerpuff.ttf Probert.ttf Ravenwood.ttf Roddenberry.ttf Roughknight.ttf Schnaubelt.ttf Skeksis Normal.ttf Skir.ttf Starcraft.ttf Starfleet Normal.ttf Sternbach.ttf Straczynski.ttf Taibaijan.ttf Takara.ttf TF Generations.ttf Thundara.ttf Toril.ttf Transdings.ttf Transformers Hollow Normal.ttf Transformers Solid Normal.ttf Transmaidens Normal.ttf Transmetals Normal.ttf Transmetals.ttf TrekArrowheads.ttf Tsa.ttf Turok.ttf Turtles.ttf Vector Sigma.ttf Visionaries.ttf Warlords.ttf Ysgarth.ttf DL the new/updated fonts AIO and a few older adds: http://www.embedupload.com/?d=51QAVZR4KX
  14. I hope at least a few additions are included in my LoveDesign folder. arupino.ttf aurora dance.ttf AuroraDevil Bold.ttf Bloody Valentine.ttf cherry blossom.ttf Cherryblossom ver2.ttf Cherryblossom-ver2.ttf cobra2.ttf Cobra3 AL.ttf Cobra3 KN.ttf Cobra3-AL.ttf Cobra3-KN.ttf Common Pixel(1).ttf Common Pixel.ttf Disco02.ttf Eris_kana.ttf Eriskana.ttf Gameboy Gamegirl.ttf GameboyGamegirl.ttf GameOver.ttf GENOCIDE_RMX.ttf GENOCIDERMX.ttf Gulico-2-ExtraBold.ttf Gulico2 ExtraBold.ttf Hanrice.otf Hanrice.pfb Hanrice.pfm hanrice.ttf Haris.ttf HEIGHT2-Bold.ttf HEIGHT2-Regular.ttf HEIGHT_2 Bold.ttf HEIGHT_2.ttf hirakumo.ttf IKKOUE.ttf Lovedesign99HIRA Bold.ttf Lovelydesign AL.ttf Lovelydesign version2.ttf LVDC 99 Kana.ttf LVDC Ans.ttf LVDC Arupino.ttf LVDC auroradance.ttf LVDC auroradevil.ttf LVDC Bento.ttf LVDC Berlin.ttf LVDC Bloody Valentine KANA.ttf LVDC Bloody Valentine.ttf LVDC BM9.ttf LVDC Cherryblossom ver.3.ttf LVDC CLASSIX.ttf LVDC Cobra4 AL.ttf LVDC Cobra4 KN.ttf LVDC Code R.ttf LVDC Common Pix2(1).ttf LVDC Common Pix2.ttf LVDC Common(1).ttf LVDC Common.ttf LVDC Common2.ttf LVDC CP3.ttf LVDC DD.ttf LVDC Disco02.ttf LVDC Dub Kana.ttf LVDC Dub Kana.ttf LVDC Dub.ttf LVDC ErisSQ.ttf LVDC FickLE.ttf LVDC Fool 22.ttf LVDC Game Over 2(1).ttf LVDC Game Over 2.ttf LVDC Gameboy Gamegirl.ttf LVDC GNCD RMX2.ttf LVDC GOLD.ttf LVDC Gulico_3.ttf LVDC Hanrice ver.3.ttf LVDC Haris.ttf LVDC HEIGHT2 Bold.ttf LVDC HEIGHT2.ttf LVDC HELLvetica.ttf LVDC IKKOUE.ttf LVDC IKKOUE3.ttf LVDC KWKW JPN Kana.ttf LVDC KWKW regular.ttf LVDC Lovely design.ttf LVDC LOVIN.ttf LVDC Melos.ttf LVDC Metamorphose.ttf LVDC Metropolis 2001.ttf LVDC Metropolis 2004.ttf LVDC Metropolis Ext.ttf LVDC Metropolis.ttf LVDC Mirinda.ttf LVDC Monnalisa.ttf LVDC Mrs Chan.ttf LVDC Next Games2.ttf LVDC NextGames.ttf LVDC Nina gloss.ttf LVDC Nina mat.ttf LVDC Ookami Girl.ttf LVDC Otsuka Dream.ttf LVDC Papicon.ttf LVDC Parthenon.ttf LVDC Polly.ttf LVDC Poo3.ttf LVDC PRPRT.ttf LVDC Rebirth.ttf LVDC Red Floor.ttf LVDC Romantic9.ttf LVDC Secret Passage.ttf LVDC Splash.ttf LVDC Stone.ttf LVDC SucideNote.ttf LVDC SuicideNote.ttf LVDC SweetDays.ttf LVDC Ten.ttf LVDC TKO Crazy.ttf LVDC TonightTonight.ttf LVDC Tytyle3.ttf LVDC Ushinuma.ttf LVDC Vanilla.ttf LVDC ver5.ttf LVDC Weirdo.ttf LVDCCommon.ttf lvdesign.zip Masshimo.ttf metamorphose.ttf Metropolis.ttf Mirinda.ttf Monnalisa.ttf Mr_Chan.ttf Mrs Chan.ttf NextGames.ttf Otsuka Dream.ttf Papicon.ttf Poo2.ttf Red Floor.ttf romanti9.ttf Sucide Note.ttf Sweet Days.ttf TKO Crazy.ttf TonightTonight 02.ttf tytyle ver.2.ttf Tytyle-Bold.ttf Tytyle-KANA-Regular.ttf tytyleKANA.ttf Vanilla.ttf +MAC 2004 files DL http://www.embedupload.com/?d=5ESIHPAPA4
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