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  1. :-SPFrank Hemmekam - FH AIO to date Thanks to all the original contributors Download
  2. Thank you @Rusc Here is a mirror for post 1-2 DW
  3. Sewing Patterns 2 Free for personal use. Direct download: http://www.laurenashpole.com/fontsewing2.html $15 For Commercial Use ( at myfonts): http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/laurenashpole/sewing-patterns-2/ MIRROR
  4. Thanks Ryuk Another mirror Download
  5. Libel Suit Updated: Mar 16, 2010 Libel suit has been updated with better kerning, more punctuation and a few more refinements. Mirror 1 Mirror 2
  6. Earwig Factory Reg ( Larabie ) Updated version May 16, 2011 ( free ) Mirror 1 Mirror 2
  7. :((bFrom the site: http://www.listemageren.dk/fontarkiv/Listemagerens-Fontarkiv.htm All the fonts and Dingbats unzipped and repacked in one file ( only the TT ) DOWNLOAD Or you can directly download all of them at their site. :-OOO
  8. Horseshoes & Lemonade (Updated: March 13, 2011) Download
  9. CK MEDIA Alice Edward´s Handwriten Official Font Download
  10. caboblanco

    Phil Kiel

    Buddy (Copyright © 2010, by Phil Kiel ) DETAILS Download
  11. My House Of Lime Folder Website: http://www.houseoflime.com/ DOWNLOAD MIRROR 1 MIRROR 2 Abstract.ttf Alpha Remember.ttf Alpha Sausage.ttf Alpha Thin.ttf Anglo Text.ttf Animal.ttf Art Nouveau Initials A.ttf Art Nouveau Initials B.ttf Art Nouveau Initials C.ttf Art Nouveau Initials D.ttf Art Nouveau Initials E.ttf Art Nouveau Initials F.ttf BackToSchool.ttf Big Lou.ttf Bizzy.ttf Buttons.ttf Cornerflair.ttf Curly Fleur Caps.ttf Decorette.ttf Decorina.ttf Dot Trail.ttf ElectionTime.ttf Evelyn's Heart.ttf ExtraOrnamentalNo2.ttf FleurCornerCaps.ttf Flower and Fairy Alphabet.ttf Flowers.ttf Fontanesi.TTF Framed.ttf Genzsch Initials.ttf German Caps.ttf Gothic Flourish.ttf GothicCornerCaps.ttf Grafik Text.ttf GuinevereCaps.ttf HalloweenKiddyFont.ttf Hearts on fire.ttf Kiddy Flakey.ttf Kiddy Font.ttf Kids Alphabet.ttf LimeGloryCaps.ttf MedievalAlphabet.ttf MosaicCaps.ttf Mousie.ttf Music For Your Ears.ttf NavyBlues.ttf OldFolksShuffle.ttf Ornamental Initials A.ttf Ornamental Initials B.ttf Ornamental Initials C.ttf Ornamental Initials D.ttf Ornamental Initials E.ttf Ornamental Initials F.ttf Ornamental Initials G.ttf Ornamental Initials H.ttf Ornamental Initials I.ttf Ornamental Initials J.ttf Ornamental Initials K.ttf Ornamental Initials L.ttf Ornamental Initials M.ttf Ornamental Initials N.ttf Ornamental Initials O.ttf Ornamental Initials P.ttf Ornamental Initials Q.ttf Ornamental Initials S.ttf Ornamental Initials T.ttf Ornamental Initials U.ttf Ornamental Initials V.ttf Ornamental Initials W.ttf Ornamental Initials X.ttf Ornamental Initials Y.ttf Ornamental Initials Z.ttf PaisleyCaps .ttf Party.ttf Pentagon.ttf PhilliBoo.ttf Retro Elite.ttf Ribbon Caps.ttf Scary House.ttf Scrappers Stencil.ttf ShakingSalsa.ttf Smelly.ttf Spiders.ttf Splatter Caps.ttf Sporty.ttf Spring.ttf SquareFrame.ttf Stars.ttf StripesCaps.ttf SugarFootStrut.ttf Sunflowers.ttf SunnyDays.ttf SunshineKiddyFont.ttf ThePerfectMan.ttf Trapeze.ttf
  12. New mirror from Girls Who Wear Glasess folder And the others Adorable Illusion.ttf Ahmet.ttf Aloha.ttf Ashtrays & Art.ttf Automobile.ttf Autos.ttf Baltimore.ttf Billy Dolls.ttf Blue Valentines.ttf Bobo.ttf Book Of Joe.ttf Boy Racer.ttf Claim To Fame.ttf D.I.N.C..ttf Dialtone.ttf Dilettante.ttf Fab.ttf Fireball.ttf FizzPop.ttf French.ttf GeeWhiz.ttf Genuine.ttf Gia.ttf Girlfriend.ttf GrievousAngel.ttf Hatcheck.ttf Ignatz.ttf JimmyTheSaint.ttf Joybuzzer.ttf Kiss Me.ttf Knitwits.ttf Levi Stubbs Tears.ttf Liverpool.ttf Lounge.ttf Lucky.ttf Mess Kit.ttf Messaround.ttf Mobile.ttf Mod Guitars.ttf Modern Love.ttf Moonstruck.ttf My Shoes.ttf NeatNeatNeat.ttf Note To Self.ttf Pacamac.ttf PaperTiger.ttf Photo Op.ttf Plastic U.ttf Post No Bills.ttf RadioRadio.ttf Reckless.ttf Road Crew.ttf Saturdays Girl.ttf Secrets.ttf Sleeptalk.ttf Sodium Glare.ttf Spacegun.ttf SugarBoy.ttf Sugaree.ttf Sway.ttf TangledUp.ttf The Con.ttf Woody.ttf Woof Squared.ttf Download
  13. The newer June 2010 update. Complete collection.
  14. Link to download the free font SACHIKO
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