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  1. This is a Greek website, which focuses on creative projects. As part of a promotional move, they release two new fonts (supporting Greek and Latin 1 encodings) every Friday. Some are original designs, others are just repackaged free fonts (e.g. Gentium). Although the site's in Greek, you can use Google translate to navigate it. You basically click on the link I provide, choose/click a post, and under the preview picture there is a direct link to the font. E.g. this post, there's a link directly below the image (Metrolox, and PR Agamemnon).
  2. Free fonts, supporting the basic latin and greek character set. The script fonts are quite well-crafted! http://www.aka-acid.com
  3. The site is down, so I compiled all the archives into a single one. If you are interested, you can download it from here.
  4. This site (http://www.enoriaka.gr/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=748&Itemid=2) hosts and freely distributes a number of classic (good, bad, and truly camp ) typefaces, which support Greek and Ancient Greek character sets. I haven't thoroughly checked them, but they seem rip-offs from popular designs (etc SKGaramond seems to be the version that Microsoft ships, with polytonic Greek support). The quality is quite good for semi-professional use, especially for those looking to add some Greek versions of classic (or camp) typefaces to their arsenal. Since the site is in Greek, I am hot-linking the download links (they are actually located in the table, in the middle/center of the page). According to the site, the fonts have been designed by mr Spiros Krontiris preview of the 72 typefaces http://www.enoriaka.gr/fonts/enoriaka.gr_fonts_deigmata.zip part 1 http://www.enoriaka.gr/fonts/enoriaka.gr_fonts_a.zip part 2 http://www.enoriaka.gr/fonts/enoriaka.gr_fonts_b.zip part 3 http://www.enoriaka.gr/fonts/enoriaka.gr_fonts_c.zip part 4 http://www.enoriaka.gr/fonts/enoriaka.gr_fonts_d.zip part 5 http://www.enoriaka.gr/fonts/enoriaka.gr_fonts_e.zip
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