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  1. AIO (Included the last few shares too).
  2. could you please provide a preview and some details, or a link to where details can be found thanks
  3. you seem to have missed Rofonia's share in post #9 hun. But I got them anyway, just wanted to point it out incase you have missed them and want to grab them.
  4. Anyone care to share all of the above in one zip/rar please ?
  5. please dont post any collections in this thread, you can now create a new thread in this section. If you dont wish to create a new thread for SINGLE free fonts, you can still add those here.
  6. Please note this section is for freebies, but it is not for linking to websites, its for sharing zip/rar collections that you may have gathered from those sites. If you wish to share links to websites that people can browse and download fonts one by one please do so in the sticky thread. Previews wherever possible would be appreciated, if not then a link to the website where they can be viewed would be helpful. For those who dont understand the logic, its for the lazy among us who cant be bothered to go to a website and download each font one by one. : ))
  7. ospunk , you should know better ! Hotlinking images is strictly against forum rules. Use an image host.
  8. Thanks Bob, I didnt have those here is few of her not so rare ones. AngelsBirds1.ttf AngelsBirds2.ttf AngelsBirds3.ttf AngelsCountry1.ttf AngelsMisc1.ttf AngelsMisc10.ttf AngelsMisc11.ttf AngelsMisc12.ttf AngelsMisc2.ttf AngelsMisc3.ttf AngelsMisc4.ttf AngelsMisc5.ttf AngelsMisc6.ttf AngelsMisc7.ttf AngelsMisc8.ttf AngelsMisc9.ttf AngelsRoses1.ttf AngelsRoses2.ttf AngelsRoses3.ttf AngelsValentines.ttf AngelsValentines2.ttf AngelsValentines3.ttf Calligraphy1.ttf Calligraphy2.ttf Calligraphy3.ttf Horseshoes.ttf KenderSilhouettes10.ttf LadySaraGemsets1.ttf LadySaraOak.ttf LS04Designs1.ttf LS04Designs2.ttf LS04Designs3.ttf LS04Designs4.ttf LS04Designs5.ttf LS2020Vision.ttf LS4thJuly.ttf LS503butterflies.ttf LS503flowers1a.ttf LSAnimals1.ttf LSAnimals2.ttf LSAnimals3.ttf LSANS.TTF LSANSD.TTF LSANSDI.TTF LSANSI.TTF LSANSUNI.TTF LSballoonbats.ttf LSBalloons.ttf LSBricks.ttf LSBudVase.ttf LSButterflies.ttf LSbutterfly.ttf LSbutterfly2.ttf LSButtons-n-Stuff.ttf LSC Condensed Italic.ttf LSC Condensed Regular.ttf LSC Manhattan Regular.ttf LSC Script Medium.ttf LSCalligraphyFlowers.ttf LSCalliOrnaments.ttf LScandlebat.ttf LSCandles.ttf LSCartoons.ttf LSColourBook.ttf LSCorners1.ttf LSCorners2.ttf LSCurls.ttf LSCurlyFries.ttf LSD.ttf LSDaisy.ttf LSDcorners1.ttf LSDcorners2.ttf LSDcorners3.ttf LSDcorners4.ttf LSDcorners5.ttf LSDcorners6.ttf LSDcorners7.ttf LSDcorners8.ttf LSdesigns1.ttf LSdesigns2.ttf LSDiv1_2004.ttf LSDiv2_2004.ttf LSDiv3_2004.ttf LSDiv4_2004.ttf LSDropHeart.ttf LSDSet1corner.ttf LSDSet1div.ttf LSDSet1face.ttf LSDstencils1.ttf LSDstencils10.ttf LSDstencils11.ttf LSDstencils12.ttf LSDstencils13.ttf LSDstencils14.ttf LSDstencils15.ttf LSDstencils16.ttf LSDstencils17.ttf LSDstencils18.ttf LSDstencils2.ttf LSDstencils3.ttf LSDstencils4.ttf LSDstencils5.ttf LSDstencils6.ttf LSDstencils7.ttf LSDstencils8.ttf LSDstencils9.ttf LSeastercartoons.ttf LSEasterDings.ttf LSEasterDoodles.ttf LSElectricOutline.ttf LSFaces1.ttf LSFeathers.ttf LSfFeathers.ttf LSFins.ttf LSFish.ttf LSFloral1.ttf LSFloral2.ttf LSFloral3.ttf LSFloral4.ttf LSFlorals3.ttf LSfloralspins.ttf LSFlowers1.ttf LSFrames1.ttf LSFrames2.ttf LSfSparkles.ttf LSfStars.ttf LSGarden.ttf Lsgem1.ttf Lsgem2.ttf LSgemset2.ttf LSgemsets3.ttf LSGeometrics.ttf LSHand.ttf LSHarvest.ttf LSHatsOff.ttf LSheartbat.ttf LSheartmono.ttf LSheartmonoOK.ttf LSHeartThrob.ttf LSHorses.ttf LSiface.ttf LSLadyBugs.ttf LSLazyLetters.ttf LSLeaves.ttf LSLines1.ttf LSLines2.ttf LSLines3.ttf LSLines5.ttf LSLittleBit9.ttf LSlittlebits.ttf LSLittleBits1.ttf LSLittleBits10.ttf LSLittleBits11.ttf LSLittleBits12.ttf LSLittleBits13.ttf LSLittleBits14.ttf LSLittleBits15.ttf LSLittleBits16.ttf LSLittleBits17.ttf LSLittleBits18.ttf LSLittleBits19.ttf LSLittleBits2.ttf LSLittleBits20.ttf LSLittleBits21.ttf LSLittleBits22.ttf LSLittleBits23.ttf LSLittleBits24.ttf LSLittleBits3.ttf LSLittleBits4.ttf LSLittleBits5.ttf LSLittleBits6.ttf LSLittleBits7.ttf LSLittleBits8.ttf LSLoopDLoop.ttf LSMiscAnimals1.ttf LSMiscAnimals2.ttf LSMiscAnimals3.ttf LSMiscAnimals4.ttf LSMiscOdd.ttf LSmittenbat.ttf LSMittens.ttf LSMoreDividers.ttf LSMoreDividers2.ttf LSMoreDividers3.ttf LSMoreDividers4.ttf LSMoreFlowers.ttf LSMoreFlowers1.ttf LSOnEdge.ttf LSpearbat.ttf LSpffft.ttf LSPunkins.ttf LSRibbonsAndBows.ttf LSRibbonsAndBows2.ttf LSRoseDrops.ttf LSShapes1.ttf LSShapes2.ttf LSShapes3.ttf LSShapes4.ttf LSShapes5.ttf LSShapes6.ttf LSShapes7.ttf LSShellsAndWeeds.ttf LSSigns1.ttf LSSigns2.ttf LSSketchPad1.ttf LSSketchPad2.ttf LSSketchPad3.ttf LSSnailsPace.ttf LSSpiros.ttf LSSpotsandStripes.ttf LSSquiggles.ttf LSSquiggles2.ttf LSSquiggles3.ttf LSstencils.ttf LSstencils10.ttf LSstencils11.ttf LSstencils12.ttf LSstencils13.ttf LSstencils14.ttf LSstencils15.ttf LSstencils16.ttf LSstencils17.ttf LSstencils2.ttf LSstencils3.ttf LSstencils4.ttf LSstencils5.ttf LSstencils6.ttf LSstencils7.ttf LSstencils8.ttf LSstencils9.ttf LSTiffany1.ttf LSTiffany2.ttf LSTulips.ttf LSValentineDoodles.ttf LSWeblets.ttf NinaAcc1.ttf NinaAcc2.ttf NinaFrames4(1).ttf OLadySara.ttf SereenQuilt(2).ttf SereenQuilt.ttf DOWNLOAD http://sharemole.com/5wicfqad
  9. RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting Password chopitol
  10. I dont know what was in Novacs share but......... RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting 52 Pickup.ttf Air.ttf Alba Matter.ttf Alba Super.ttf Alba.ttf Alpha CLOWN.ttf Alpha Niner i.ttf Alpha Niner.ttf Alpha Dance.ttf Alphastep i version.ttf Alphastep.ttf Arcade.ttf Astronaut II.ttf Astronaut III.ttf Astronaut.ttf Atomic.ttf Baby Kruffy.ttf BeanTown.ttf Billo 2.ttf Billo Dream.ttf Billo.ttf Blackjack Rollin.ttf Blackjack.ttf Blee.ttf BoozeBats.ttf BorderMon Series 1.ttf BorderMon Series 1.ttf Borneo.ttf Caveman.TTF Chachie.ttf Chankenstein.ttf Charles Atlas.ttf Cheeseburger.ttf Cheri Liney.ttf Cheri.ttf Chick.ttf Chickabiddies.ttf Coney Island.ttf Cosmojunk.ttf Croobie.ttf Cyberjimmy.ttf Cyberpop.ttf Cyberwhiz.ttf Date Rape Solid.ttf Date Rape.ttf Dazzler.ttf Deejay Supreme.ttf Digit Cube.ttf Digit LoFi Shift.ttf Digit LoFi.ttf Digit.ttf Dimitri Swank.ttf Dimitri.ttf Disco Inferno.ttf discotech.ttf Disko.ttf Dokyo.ttf dopenakedfoul phat.ttf dopenakedfoul phatrelaxed.ttf dopenakedfoul relaxed.ttf dopenakedfoul.ttf Dreamy.ttf DS Supervixen Cyr.ttf Dunebug 45MPH.ttf Dunebug Alternates 45MPH.ttf Dunebug Alternates.ttf Dunebug.ttf Dynomite Spark Thin.ttf Dynomite Spark.ttf Dynomite Thin.ttf Dynomite Spark.ttf Dynomite Thin.ttf Dynomite.ttf Earwax.ttf Eight Track program 3.ttf Eight Track program 4.ttf Eight Track program two.ttf Eight Track.ttf Elvis.ttf Fat.ttf Fidelle.ttf FineOMite.ttf font twelve good.ttf font twelve.ttf Fontalicious Thingbats.ttf Freestyle.ttf Fresh Bionik SE.ttf Fresh.ttf Freshbot.ttf Frosty.ttf Funkotronic.ttf Galaxy.ttf Garage Sale .ttf Garanimals.ttf GeekBats.ttf Geeves.ttf GirlieLeslie.ttf Glamocon RetroBats.ttf Glee Club.ttf GlooGun.ttf Good Head.ttf Gravity.ttf Great Head.ttf Groovalicious Tweak.ttf Heartbreaker Heavy.ttf Heartbreaker.ttf Hoedown.ttf Hustle.ttf International Chunkfunk.ttf Jabbie Junior.ttf Jenkins Keepin it Real.ttf Jenkins Albino.ttf Jenkins Ganked.ttf Jenkins Chunkie.ttf Jenkins Keepin it Real.ttf Jenkins v2.0 Thik.ttf Jenkins v2.0.ttf Joinks!.ttf Jokewood.ttf Jubie.ttf Juice.ttf Kinkee.ttf Kinkie.ttf KlinkOMite.ttf Kravitz Extra Thermal.ttf Kravitz Extra Thermal.ttf Kravitz Thermal.ttf Kravitz.ttf Kruffy.ttf Krupke.ttf Lounge Bait.ttf Lounge Bait[A].ttf Magnum.ttf Manchester.ttf Mandingo.ttf Mandingo[A].ttf Metrobot.ttf Micro.ttf Mikey Jax.ttf Milkfresh.ttf Mister Dope.ttf Mister Easy.ttf Mixelate II.ttf Mixelate III.ttf Mixelate.TTF Moloky.ttf Money Shot.ttf Monophonic Bold.ttf Monophonic.ttf Moog Schmoog.ttf Moog.ttf MoonPie Cadet Good.ttf MoonPie Cadet GoodSlant.ttf MoonPie Cadet.ttf Mullet.ttf Oddessey 1000.ttf Oddessey 2000.ttf Oddessey 3000.ttf Oddessey 4000.ttf Oddessey 5000.ttf Oddessey 6000.ttf Oddessey 7000.ttf Odysseus.ttf Oggle.ttf Omega.ttf Omegamax.ttf PacFont Good.ttf PacFont.ttf Peeps.ttf Pimpbot 5000.ttf Pinniepoker.ttf PixelPirate.ttf Planet Planet.ttf Planet.ttf Plee.ttf Plush.ttf Pogo.ttf Poornut.ttf Poppycock.ttf Populuxe Blub.ttf Populuxe Deemonds.ttf Populuxe Hearton.ttf Populuxe Spade .ttf Populuxe Spade.ttf Populuxe Trink.ttf Porky's Heavy.ttf Porky's.ttf Pornhut.ttf Pussycat Sassy.ttf Pussycat Snickers.ttf Queer.ttf Quinkie.ttf RaveQueen.ttf Redensek.ttf Return of the Retrobats.ttf Robokid.ttf Rocket.ttf Rolloglide.ttf RunTron 1983.ttf Rustler Fancy.ttf Rustler.ttf Rusty.ttf Sabadoo.ttf Sanka.ttf Schmotto Plotto.ttf Schmotto.ttf SenorPooglins.ttf Shatner.ttf SkiPop.ttf Skylab 600.ttf Slide.ttf Smartie 2.ttf Smartie CAPS.ttf Smartie.ttf Smilage.ttf Smilage[A].ttf Snappy.ttf Sonic Superpowers.ttf SpaceAce.ttf Spacebeach.ttf SpeedFreek.ttf Spin Cycle 3D.ttf Sporto.ttf Squarodynamic 03.ttf Squarodynamic 01.ttf Squarodynamic 02.ttf Squarodynamic 03.ttf Squarodynamic 04.ttf Squarodynamic 05.ttf Squarodynamic 06.ttf Squarodynamic 07.ttf Squarodynamic 08.ttf Squarodynamic 09.ttf Squarodynamic 10.ttf Stoney Billy.ttf Stretch.TTF Super Stars.ttf Superfly.ttf Superstar DJ.ttf SuperTrooper.ttf Supervixen Honeyed Out.ttf Supervixen.ttf Supreme.ttf Surf Safari.ttf Swinger Casual.ttf Swinger.ttf Swinkydad.ttf Tabletron.ttf Technicolor.ttf The Kids.ttf Thug.ttf Thursdoo.ttf Toggle.ttf Trendy University.ttf Trick T12.ttf Trick 3D.ttf Trick 12.ttf Trick B12.ttf Trick Blueprint.ttf Trick Thik.ttf Trick.ttf Twee.ttf Ultra Supervixen Honeyed Out.ttf Ultra Supervixen.ttf UndieCrust.ttf Velcro.ttf Vintage Vacation.ttf We Love Corey.ttf Wednesday.ttf Weltron 2001.ttf Weltron Power.ttf Weltron Special Power.ttf Weltron Urban.ttf Weltron.ttf Woggle.ttf Wunderland.ttf Zodiastic.ttf
  11. very nice , thank you !

  12. I dont know if this contains exactly the same . http://sharebee.com/9afa26e2
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