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  1. could you please provide a preview and some details, or a link to where details can be found thanks
  2. you seem to have missed Rofonia's share in post #9 hun. But I got them anyway, just wanted to point it out incase you have missed them and want to grab them.
  3. Anyone care to share all of the above in one zip/rar please ?
  4. please dont post any collections in this thread, you can now create a new thread in this section. If you dont wish to create a new thread for SINGLE free fonts, you can still add those here.
  5. Please note this section is for freebies, but it is not for linking to websites, its for sharing zip/rar collections that you may have gathered from those sites. If you wish to share links to websites that people can browse and download fonts one by one please do so in the sticky thread. Previews wherever possible would be appreciated, if not then a link to the website where they can be viewed would be helpful. For those who dont understand the logic, its for the lazy among us who cant be bothered to go to a website and download each font one by one. : ))
  6. Thanks Bob, I didnt have those here is few of her not so rare ones. AngelsBirds1.ttf AngelsBirds2.ttf AngelsBirds3.ttf AngelsCountry1.ttf AngelsMisc1.ttf AngelsMisc10.ttf AngelsMisc11.ttf AngelsMisc12.ttf AngelsMisc2.ttf AngelsMisc3.ttf AngelsMisc4.ttf AngelsMisc5.ttf AngelsMisc6.ttf AngelsMisc7.ttf AngelsMisc8.ttf AngelsMisc9.ttf AngelsRoses1.ttf AngelsRoses2.ttf AngelsRoses3.ttf AngelsValentines.ttf AngelsValentines2.ttf AngelsValentines3.ttf Calligraphy1.ttf Calligraphy2.ttf Calligraphy3.ttf Horseshoes.ttf KenderSilhouettes10.ttf LadySaraGemsets1.ttf LadySaraOak.ttf LS04Designs1
  7. RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting Password chopitol
  8. I dont know what was in Novacs share but......... RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting 52 Pickup.ttf Air.ttf Alba Matter.ttf Alba Super.ttf Alba.ttf Alpha CLOWN.ttf Alpha Niner i.ttf Alpha Niner.ttf Alpha Dance.ttf Alphastep i version.ttf Alphastep.ttf Arcade.ttf Astronaut II.ttf Astronaut III.ttf Astronaut.ttf Atomic.ttf Baby Kruffy.ttf BeanTown.ttf Billo 2.ttf Billo Dream.ttf Billo.ttf Blackjack Rollin.ttf Blackjack.ttf Blee.ttf BoozeBats.ttf BorderMon Series 1.ttf BorderMon Series 1.ttf Borneo.ttf Caveman.TTF Chachie.ttf Chankenstein.ttf Charles Atlas.ttf Che
  9. very nice , thank you !

  10. I dont know if this contains exactly the same . http://sharebee.com/9afa26e2
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