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  1. Related link: Vintage Erotique font by Darrian Lynx (1999) at dafont: http://www.dafont.com/vintage-erotique.font This is not a font share, but it is an alphabet share, in 26 .png files. Most of this alphabet was formerly available on a site administered by Cindi Harrington, and was colloquially known as the Cindigirl alphabet on Luc Devroye's pages. I just noticed that this is the basis for Darrian's Vintage Erotique. Compared to these source graphics, his font is really crappy, but I abandoned my attempts to font this alphabet because I thought it was too complex to accurately convert to monochrome. These source graphics have letters more than two inches high, inside a frame border. Many thanks to Toto for his stealthy acquisition of the letter O, (from which I removed the watermark), and E and F, which were recovered intact. This is an adult themed picture alphabet, containing explicit images of sexuality. Do not download it if you would be offended by that. (This sample is tame by comparison to the other letters). Download:http://www.4shared.com/zip/DgTzvK3S/VE_online.html
  2. Chess Montreal by Gary Katch. This font was available only by e-mail request. More information: http://alcor.concordia.ca/~gpkatch/montreal_font.html Download: http://sharemole.com/1cprzzoh/ Dead Links in this thread: 12-18-2010 07:48 AM #95 Florio 12-29-2010 07:49 AM #99 nidzony (Vadoe, Perforama, Adec only) 12-29-2010 08:55 AM #100 nidzony (Knema, My Fair Cody only) 01-07-2011 07:16 PM #104 lunawhatahell 03-03-2011 04:13 PM #129 carolina71 03-19-2011 06:23 PM #140 snowy1516
  3. Robyn Phillips creates machine embroidery designs, but in the late 1990s, she created more than 180 fonts, most of which aren't currently available on any download sites. Most of the fonts in this share were obtained from Luc Devroye. I had about ten of them, and I thought he might have a few more. He did, more than 175 that I didn't have! The vast majority of these are dingbats, but there are quite a few alphabet fonts, and a couple of letterbats. List of fonts in the archive: HAUNTED CAPS, NA-flute5, Ornate1, Ornate2, Ornate5, Ryp childA, Ryp childC, Ryp fiestaB, ryp FloralPick, Ryp xmasbells, ryp_abctrain, ryp_animal1, ryp_animal2Regular, ryp_animal3, ryp_animal4, ryp_animal5, ryp_aquatic1, ryp_birds1, ryp_build_01, ryp_butterfly1, ryp_butterfly2, ryp_button1, ryp_button2, ryp_button3, ryp_button4, ryp_cartoonbug, ryp_cats1, ryp_cats2, ryp_child1, ryp_china6a, ryp_china6b, ryp_chinart1, ryp_chinart1a, ryp_chinart2, ryp_chinart3, ryp_chinart4, ryp_chinart5a, ryp_chinart6, ryp_chinart7, ryp_chinart7a, ryp_deco1, ryp_deco2, ryp_deco3, ryp_deco4, ryp_deco5, ryp_deco6, ryp_deco7, ryp_deco8, ryp_deco9, ryp_element1, ryp_element2, ryp_evil, ryp_fat1, ryp_fiesta1, ryp_fiesta2, ryp_flora5, ryp_flora6, ryp_flora7, ryp_flora8, ryp_flora9, ryp_flora10, ryp_flora11, ryp_floral1, ryp_floral2, ryp_floral3Regular, ryp_floral4Regular, ryp_frame_01, ryp_halloween1, ryp_hearts, ryp_ladieshat, ryp_leaves1, ryp_NA_flute5, ryp_nature3, ryp_nymphic, ryp_oldworldart1, ryp_oldworldart2, ryp_oldworldart3, ryp_oldworldart4, ryp_ornate1, ryp_ornate2, ryp_ornate3, ryp_ornate4, ryp_ornate5, ryp_ornate6, ryp_ornate7, ryp_quilt_01, ryp_quilt_08, ryp_quilt_10, ryp_realbug, ryp_rope1, ryp_rope3, ryp_santa2, ryp_scarey, ryp_sflake2, ryp_sflake3, ryp_sflake4, ryp_sflake5, ryp_sflake6, ryp_sflake7ryp_sflake, ryp_sflake7Regular, ryp_sflake8, ryp_sil1, ryp_sil2, ryp_sil03, ryp_sil04Regular, ryp_sil05Regular, ryp_sil06, ryp_sil07, ryp_sil08, ryp_sil09, ryp_sil10, ryp_sil11, ryp_sil12, ryp_sil13, ryp_sil14, ryp_sil15, ryp_sil16, ryp_sil17, ryp_sil18, ryp_sil19, ryp_sil20, ryp_snata1, ryp_snowflake1, ryp_thanks, ryp_trans1, ryp_trans2, ryp_trans3, rpp_trees1, ryp_victorian1a, ryp_victorian2a, ryp_victorian3a, ryp_woodcut1, ryp_woodcut2, ryp_woodcut3, ryp_woodcut5, yp_woodcut6, ryp_woodcut14, ryp_woodcuts4, ryp_woodcuts10, ryp_woodcuts11, ryp_woodcuts12, ryp_woodcuts13, ryp_xmas1,ryp_xmas2, ryp_xmas3, ryp_xmas4, ryp_xmasbells, ryp_xmascaps, rypaquatic1, rypbutterfly1, rypbutterfly2, rypcats1, rypelement1, ryphearts, rypladieshats2, rypquilt1, rypquilt2, rypquilt3, rypquilt4, rypquilt5, ryprealbug, rypsflake3, rypsflake4, rypsflake5, rypsflake6, rypsnowflake1, rptran1, rptrees1 ryp_chinart1 and ryp_chinart1a: Download: http://www.sharemole.com/0ubopuzz/ ~bito
  4. I made WoodlandCreatures in April, 2008, but had to withdraw it from circulation shortly thereafter. The source graphics were a series of thumbs posted on Flickr by Tugboat Printshop, who designed the images. I credited the font to Tugboat Printshop, and directed any commercial use inquiries to them in the read me doc, but they demanded, (quite rudely), that I remove the font from my homepage and from fontspace. This font is quite large, (about 1.35 MB for 27 glyphs), and it may cause problems if opened in preview for anyone using Windows XP/Vista/7 when Cleartype is enabled, (because of the large amounts of memory used when the 'Jackdaws' panagram is displayed at the various point sizes). It will work fine if installed and used in apps; only the preview potentially causes problems for some. Contents of the download archive: WoodlandCreatures.ttf WoodlandCreatures_read_me.txt WoodlandCreatures_character_guide.doc WoodlandCreatures_character_guide_(embedded).doc WoodlandCreatures_character_guide.gif The first character guide was created by copy/pasting the monochrome bitmap source graphics into an MS Word 2000 document. If this document is saved as a web page, the individual graphics will be available as separate .gif files, identical to the bitmap sources. The actual glyphs in the font will look slightly different than these, because I don't get 100% fidelity between the bitmap sources and the vector image in the font. The second character guide contains all 27 glyphs from the font embedded in an MS Word 2000 doc, at 72 point size. For those who would like to see the character display at various point sizes, but don't want to potentially risk the BSOD if opening the font in preview, use this instead. The embedded document allows you to see the font in the document without having to first install the font. The third character guide contains all of the source graphics in one huge, (964 x 3360 pixel), .gif, which is much too large to post in this forum. The last two character guides are new. Preview, (selected .gif images from character guides 1 & 3): The extra large .gif character guide online: http://img524.imageshack.us/img524/5296/wdcrcgfull.gif Download: http://www.sharemole.com/zkwdrewp/
  5. On the tipometar.org page from zokey's post #66, on the left side, about level with the bottom of the 'Lovely' graphic, there's some green text which reads "Open Type, unicode LovelyBG.zip, 73 kb" That's the direct download link. It took me a while to find it, until I realized it was the only text in English. ~bito
  6. Per Luc Devroye, Jana Orsolic, designer of LovelySofiaBG, LovelyAudreyBG, and LovelyGraceBG, from zokey's share in post #66, was formerly known as Jana Nikolic. She is an assistant professor in type design and calligraphy in Belgrade, Serbia. Other fonts attributed to her are ITC Aram and Intro (ITC). zokey, Luc thanks you for the link, and he has updated his Type Designers page to include these new fonts. Preview of the Lovely fonts:
  7. bostonlove, by Giselle Eastman http://doghause.com/fonts2.asp preview: Models, by sav-wo & Nobutaka Sato I found this on a Japanese blog that had mentioned one of my own fonts. I made the character guide with MS Word 2000 and MS Paint. http://www.sharemole.com/0h0zcrso/
  8. Lion King Dings, by Cass Wagner: http://lilymud.net/showthread.php?t=39695
  9. January 7 is new font day at dafont. This thread will work best if there are no replies until the next new batch at dafont, in about 4-6 weeks. There are a lot of really nice ones this time around. All of the Obey series was accepted, including the single glyph ObeyVenice, which is a pleasant surprise, since dafont normally has a policy of not posting single glyph fonts. ~bito New stuff on May 19. ~bito
  10. Zynnia Rose made several fonts c. 2000. Two of the fonts, (Goddesses and WitchyBats), have been available on some obscure sites, but in corrupted form. Another font, Pentacles, is also known as Pentadings, (both names appear in the font info headers). It seems that she was inconsistent in how the internal file names were entered. I did some revisions in September, 2007, and the dingbats were hosted by dingbats-uk.co.uk, until the site closed on September 30, 2009. I think I got the script fonts from Luc Devroye. This is what is contailed in the .rar: Originals: ~Goddesses, ~Witchybats, gods, gods read me text file, Pentadings, JillyBeans, CharlieBoy, Chloe Bold Italic, fizzy, Zynnia Rose read me text file. The tilde, (~) prefix indicates problems with the originals. Pentadings works properly, but its' internal file name shows as both Pentadings and Pentacles. Regenerated: Goddesses, WitchyBats, Pentacles, WitchyBats character guide, (saved as .gif, original file type unknown). My font revisions were only to the internal names in the font info. No glyphs were altered in any way. http://www.4shared.com/file/185553216/3b277176/ZynniaRose.html
  11. Here are about 4 MB of additional LadySaras. These are the ones that I got from Luc Devroye that were not in either LazyVampire or lejane's shares. There is some duplication with Neocount's share, but if I update my archive, somebody else might post more of them before I can, so I really can't win. Included in this archive are some later versions of fonts included in LV's share. In addition, some of the fonts had really screwy character displays, so I generated new versions with FontLab Studio5. The versions I created all have an underscore before the .ttf file extension, and a December 29, 2009 date last modified, so in some cases, there may be two versions. I can't remember anymore... btw, Luc Devroye's archive also included the MaBell fonts, (only 1-12), and PiaBorders, even though there is no credit to LadySara in the font info. I shared MaBell1-12 separately, so maybe a Mod could kill that thread, as Neocount has those covered. ~bito http://www.4shared.com/file/184402696/e98063a6/LadySara_encore.html
  12. JulesBorders1-8, JulesCorners1-5, JulesDings1 Per Luc Devroye's Dingbats (original) page, these are a few of the many LadySara fonts made on or before 2002. Her site's been offline for at least four years, and possibly much longer. These ones were all new to me, so they'll probably be new to many of you as well. JulesBorders5 and all of the JulesCorners are really nice. These have always been freeware, but hard to locate recently. Here they be: http://www.4shared.com/file/184068419/c90e7783/Lady_Sara.html
  13. frieda calor, I acknowledged and thanked you for posting the pics for me at the bottom of post 7 in this thread, in which I informed The Community of minor changes to the ObeyAssorty and ObeyWrappers fonts. There is a December 20 addition to the original Dec 16 post. I thought it best to put both revisions in the same post, rather than bump the thread up, which I know is frowned upon here. You posted the pics for me in post 8, so if the thread is read in sequence, I thanked you for them before you put them up. The notice about the source graphics being available, and the changes to the internal file names for the caps versions, was enough new information to warrant a separate new posting. All Obey series fonts are now in their final form, so I won't have anything new to say here, unless it's in response to other people's comments. ~bito
  14. I would like to mention that Luc Devroye has now posted this series on my homepage, http://cg.scs.carleton.ca/~luc/bobistheowl.html Also of note is that the original monochrome bitmap source graphics for this series, (approximately 650 different images), are also available, all together in a .zip, or à la carte in an 'Index of' folder. There are some minor differences between the fonts made available from the links earlier in this thread, and the ones in the .zip on my homepage: 1) For all of the fonts with capitals character sets, the word Caps has been appended to the internal file names, so it is possible to have a lower case and capitals version installed at the same time. 2) In the caps versions of ObeyPears and ObeyWrappers, a duplicate glyph that appears in the lower case range has been removed. 3) Open type versions of about fifteen of the fonts are available, in lower case and caps. In my opinion, most of the .otfs don't look very good, (in Notepad, MS Word, or Font Preview), but they may fare better in other apps. I don't know much about the differences between True Type and Open Type, but if I was able to generate .otf versions, I did. 4) There are no changes to the versions in lower case, other than the revised ObeyAssorty and ObeyWrappers, as set out earlier in this thread. For 'purists', any of the fonts available in this thread, other than the ObeyAssorty and ObeyWrappers in the 151209.rar, should be considered 'originals'. Thanks, ~bito
  15. Thank you all for your kind words in the main thread. I made a minor change to the ObeyAssorty font, and the new version is available here: http://www.4shared.com/file/174127553/f3ea4631/ObeyAssorty_revised.html I had forgotten to delete the guide pixels that define the top of the R glyph, (Joey Ramone). That's the only change. Sorry, I couldn't find a way to edit the typo in the thread title. ~bito December 20: I made small revisions to the D glyph in the ObeyWrappers font. right side of the mustache was made symetrical with the left, and the middle of the nose was widened slightly. This new version is available here: http://www.4shared.com/file/177786953/ef4d3911/OWrevised.html And thanks to frieda calor for the pix. ~bito
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