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  1. Thanks Tom. That's useful because I only had Regular Styles in TTF and Bold Styles in OTF. Looks as if the Stencil styles might be a gem lost forever!
  2. I don't know whether PC.DE Stencil Regular/Bold+Italics were in #19 above. Can anyone help find these please? Although custom they were free and downloadable from PC.DE website which no longer exists. TIA.
  3. Do you have the free font download link please?
  4. Hi Ryuk! I don't know whether you have them now, but I posted the Masticar fonts that you requested a while back.


    Hope you are OK as we don't seem to see you as much around the forum lately.

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    2. RATM


      ellips.is has updated the link.

      my appetype has diminished a little too.

      hope Masticar provided some cheer

    3. †Ryuk†


      1 year-ish of diet to start almost fresh 😉 And thanks both of you for Masticar which actually is very appropriate for this topic 😄 

    4. RATM




  5. Foundry now called Craft Graphic. Now commercial fonts https://craftgraphic.com/products/ WF-x OTF(16), DSIG TTF (3): Acta Regular Albium Regular Aneto Regular Baird Regular (DSIG) Exesa Regular Flumen Regular Franq Regular Griffon Regular (DSIG) Heiter Regular Incision Regular (DSIG) Jabre Regular Mulligan Ottavia Light Piav Regular Polpo Regular Quercia Regular Signe Regular Viscid Regular Winchester Thanks to †Ryuk† for previous extracts of Mulligan & Viscid https://www.design.rocks/topic/47656-craft-graphic-matt-hull/
  6. RATM

    IKEA Soffa Sans

    Thanks. Do you know which software this will work with please?
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