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  1. Atelier du Machiniste download: http://workupload.com/file/kkWvRgR
  2. Barlow (54 styles - original - OTF/TTF) - https://github.com/jpt/barlow Barlow is a slightly rounded, low-contrast, grotesk font superfamily designed by Jeremy Tribby. The typeface draws from the visual style of the California public, sharing qualities with the state's car plates, highway signs, buses, and trains.
  3. Free Version of Mortised Ornaments http://www.dafont.com/mortised-ornaments-free.font
  4. Great Vibes download: https://workupload.com/file/FCE9kTG
  5. Hirondelles des Alpes
  6. treon

    AtF Spark

  7. Mattilda (free and original) - https://www.behance.net/gallery/56215217/Mattilda
  8. download:https://workupload.com/file/DTJ7q6X
  9. Enjoy a nice set of three grunge fonts, made with sponges. Freely available over here... http://olliebriggs.com/projects/kitchen-sink/
  10. Big Boned Typeface (2008) : Alpha Release Poster, première mise en ligne par Network Osaka. network osaka released the Big Boned Face, in Alpha build. that means some metrics have to be refined, but as a display face, you can build your headlines with it easily. You may download it here : http://www.networkosaka.com/type/Big_boned_relalpha.rar
  11. lldaddy — Abyssia via Fontstruct Information: https://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/554398/abyssia Download link: https://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/download/554398
  12. Alienation Alienation-Outline Antopol Code Antopol Return Antrace-Roman Apollo9 Apollo9-Italic Atman-Regular Atman-Bold Baldhead Blob Mono Blob-Thin Bubble Creatures Crush No 47 Dennis Diet Dr Creep Dioptrin Electrance Firefly Gordon GoudySans-Bold GoudySans-BoldItalic GoudySans-Italic GoudySans-Regular Hammer-Black Launchpad Messaround ORAV Paul 5 Paul 6 Pencil Box Plakat One Plakat Two Push Rubbermaid Rubbermaid Single Speedway Ticker Tubeone Tubetwo Tvdinner Full Ufo-Dingbats Ufo-Italic Ufo-NormalItalic Yodle http://sharebee.com/34b25cff
  13. From the depths of the internet and my hard drive backups comes the output of a little foundry from the late 1990s. Surface Type/Surface Design/LookTwo/Ergodraw is Michael E. Hamm --------------------------------------------------------------- MY EYES, THEY BLEED! Surface Type. (surrface.com) free fonts provided include: --------------------------- Acidic Actrial [incomplete version of Acidic] Bountiful Bounty Elixir (demo) Gouge Ozlo Packet Slurry Unreleased: ---------- Dwight Elixir Fat Cowboy Forge Meekius Silly Ass Thin Silly A
  14. BackPacker fonts (OT/TT): Big Head, Child, Chubby, Display Black, Dots, Ilialena, Latin Numerals, LetterSquares, Molecules, Mono, Mouse, Neon, Pong, Replay, Script and Tall All fonts available to download for free at backpacker.gr (section "Typefaces")
  15. Dave Bastian is from Utah and graduated from Brigham Young University. Etruscan.otf FancyFace.otf Frankie.otf Korohanza.otf NoodleScript.otf NoodleShaded.otf SixtySeven.otf Startling.otf Stone-Age.otf Weehah.otf Astound Dings and Bloopty (2002) were published at Garagefonts (feel free to add). Info: Davebastian.com/index.php?/fonts/ Download: http://sharemole.com/0ye0l2ws Preview:
  16. Odstemplik Promocyja: Kawoszeh: download all 3: http://sharemole.com/b40jwhbi
  17. Uplaod is a creative studio and publishing platform founded in 2013 by Georges Chaulet, Jean Gabriel Franchini, Esteban Gonzalez, Leo Malherbe and Bastien Sozoo.
  18. Typemate - small independent lettering studio by Vova Egoshin from St Petersburg (Russia)
  19. Sweet November download: https://workupload.com/file/KzkFRU5
  20. download all: https://workupload.com/file/nZHXvSU SaveSave
  21. also in this download: cedarville chance tomorrow today complet in him conrary mary frangipani rose give you glory husband of the millennnuim jheri curls nothin you could do over the rainbow promised freedom sekona shining like stars soggy kitten soli deo gloria sunshine in my soul swanky and moo moo ten million fireflies the girl next door throw my hands up in the air tuna and hot dogs on rye written on his hands you wont bring me down all this fonts from my folder ---> download: http://sharemole.com/vrcoqksr
  22. Here is a series of 566 pixel fonts, https://workupload.com/file/YmQd2EW Enjoy
  23. opti


    TilburgsAns (just say Ans) is the raw, joyful, idiosyncratic, humorous and experimental typeface based on the character of the city of Tilburg in the south of the Netherlands. It can be downloaded for free by everyone who wants to use it for his or her publication. Four weights are available: Light, Regular, Bold and Black. Furthermore there’s the font TilburgsAnsPict, identical to TilburgsAns Regular, but extended with a surprising feature: fifty typical Tilburg icons are incorporated in this font. They can be accessed by typing the words they represent. An overview of these icons is showed o
  24. The Protoform Project was founded in 1995 and was originally a site for Neale Davidson's collection of odds and ends, including Fan-Fiction, graphics, fonts, and games. Protoform Project has since moved more to creating shareware card games. [PP] Adventure [PP] Action Force [PP] Alternity [PP] Aurebesh [PP] Battle Beasts [PP] Beast Machines [PP] Beast Wars [PP] Celestial [PP] Chinyen [PP] Colony Wars [PP] Comic Book [PP] Cybertron Generations [PP] Cybertron Metals [PP] Diamond Fantasy [PP] Dalelands [PP] Dethek Stone [PP] Dinobots [PP] Dragonmaster [PP] Emulator [PP] Espruar [PP] Espura
  25. download: http://workupload.com/file/He6jfx2
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