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Found 10 results

  1. The free ones plus a few others: http://www.sharemole.com/6gkjjngy edel_sans_light.ttf edel_sans_regular_3.otf Fracmetrica-Black_2.otf jj-realis_book.otf jj-realis_italic.otf jj-realis_ultralight_italic.otf jj-realis_ultralight.otf joham_type.otf Margina_regular.otf sayitfat.otf Sinews-Medium_8.otf Sinews-ultralight_1.otf singula_line_compressed_32.otf http://26plus-zeichen.de
  2. Ipsum Planet - Neo2 Neo2 Blog - letrag Pomegranate Orquidea Novich Houndstooth Sector96 Salami RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
  3. I haven't seen these before. http://www.multiupload.com/4UIF5HPVNI
  4. complete collection of the free fonts he has released so far. previews can be seen on his web site, you'll pardon me for not putting together a comprehensive preview list. http://www.yoworks.com/yofonts/index.html here are two example previews -- crem http://www.yoworks.com/crem/crem.gif practica http://www.yoworks.com/practica/practica.gif clicking on "standard" and "free" takes you to the font list, where you can find detailed specimens and comments on the making of the respective font. mostly ttf (mac/win), with some types updated to otf. download: http://www.multiupload.com/KBPPWXG40B font list:[b] Angrite Archaeodeco Botaniq Crem Crematec Cybertalk Dipple Eau Douce Sans Eau Naturelle Sans Eau Sans Elementa Sans Elementa Script Elementa Serif EPF Fact Fol Glyphian Grov Alphabet Grov Alphabet Condensed Grov Hiragana Grov Katakana Ignorant Modern Initia Laitty Liq Midiet Sans Midiet Serif Mod Circle Mod Quad Nord Nord Extended OneZero Alphabet OneZero Katakana Ovals Philo Pica Pixe Practica Serian Smoo Telegrama Trafica [/b]
  5. Guest

    Kevin & Amanda

    17 Recently released "Peas Fonts" from Kevin & Amanda. Download http://www.multiupload.com/SPZ99ZUS7S Previews http://kevinandamanda.com/fonts/fontsforpeas/
  6. Brewsky Milkmoustachio Alpenkreuzer Snickles Gladifilthefte download all 5 fonts: http://sharemole.com/09fezfdo
  7. http://www.sirda.cz/fonts.html free fonts download from site above or all together from here (all OT): http://www.embedupload.com/?d=2YSCIFGGMN
  8. Anton Studer for Atelier Bubentraum http://bubentraum.com/ http://bubentraum.com/?page_id=17 free typefaces designed for NEO2: Motion One+ Two http://www.neo2.es/blog/2009/02/motion-one-type/ Minimeter http://www.neo2.es/blog/2008/07/minimeter/ Paper (The Folded) http://bubentraum.com/?page_id=756 Goodbye Display Font http://bubentraum.com/?page_id=88 + Hausbau http://bubentraum.com/?page_id=771 for Die Gestalten: Frank http://bubentraum.com/?page_id=1019 Frank Black.pfb Frank Black.pfm Frank Bold.pfb Frank Bold.pfm Frank Light.pfb Frank Light.pfm Frank.pfb Frank.pfm Goodbye Black Black.ttf Goodbye Light Light.ttf + MAC Hausbau.ttf Minimeter_Outline.ttf MinimeterOutline.ttf + MAC Motion.otf MotionOne.otf MotionTwo.otf Paper.ttf + MAC download http://www.embedupload.com/?d=5SMWWIGJIK
  9. Flop Design Ready Made (1 style - TT/MAC) - similar to Schwartzco Giorgio/Corvinus Skyline
  10. Guest


    Several fonts from Yosshy http://www.multiupload.com/SXPG2K4J5R
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