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Found 7 results

  1. Ipsum Planet - Neo2 Neo2 Blog - letrag Pomegranate Orquidea Novich Houndstooth Sector96 Salami RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
  2. Anton Studer for Atelier Bubentraum http://bubentraum.com/ http://bubentraum.com/?page_id=17 free typefaces designed for NEO2: Motion One+ Two http://www.neo2.es/blog/2009/02/motion-one-type/ Minimeter http://www.neo2.es/blog/2008/07/minimeter/ Paper (The Folded) http://bubentraum.com/?page_id=756 Goodbye Display Font http://bubentraum.com/?page_id=88 + Hausbau http://bubentraum.com/?page_id=771 for Die Gestalten: Frank http://bubentraum.com/?page_id=1019 Frank Black.pfb Frank Black.pfm Frank Bold.pfb Frank Bold.pfm Frank Light.pfb Frank Light.pfm Frank.pfb Frank.pfm Goodbye Black Black.ttf Goodbye Light Light.ttf + MAC Hausbau.ttf Minimeter_Outline.ttf MinimeterOutline.ttf + MAC Motion.otf MotionOne.otf MotionTwo.otf Paper.ttf + MAC download http://www.embedupload.com/?d=5SMWWIGJIK
  3. Flop Design Ready Made (1 style - TT/MAC) - similar to Schwartzco Giorgio/Corvinus Skyline
  4. dafont - free fonts - complete site collection as of 5.21.2008 - 8024 fonts dafont - download - part 1 dafont - download - part 2 dafont - download - part 3 dafont - download - part 4 dafont - download - part 5 dafont.com-Preview
  5. My newest font is DOS Boot, which reproduces the DOS command prompt font in True Type. There will be a companion font to this one which will include the box drawing symbols, smilie faces, card suits, maths, etc. I won't be putting this one on my site until after the supplements font is completed. You can get this font for a week at: https://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=batch_download&batch_id=bVlBa0ZSbEFEbUpFQlE9PQ In addition, there will be a 250% larger version of this font, named Fist Six. A lot of editing still needs to be done on that one, but it does look fine between 10 and 22 points, (equivelent to 25 - 55 points for DOS Boot). It's not ready to share yet. There's will also be a second set of fonts exactly the same, but with standard black text on white. One of these is complete I debugged all point sizes except 9 points, using Notepad in Windows XP. I have found, however, that with this typeface, what looks right on my computer doesn't necessarily look the same on another one. The beta225 version that I circulated to a few people on Friday looked horrid. I believe the changes I've made since then have solved the problem, but I can't test it. I also get odd results with this font in MicroSoft Word. At a number of point sizes, there are grid lines around groups of letters. At larger point sizes, there is a horizontal white line between most, but not all, lines. This is caused because I had to extend the height slightly on a few glyphs, or there would have been a small white line above selected characters at 20 point size. I can see why there are so few white text on black fonts. I had to do much microediting at each point size to remove slivers of white, without disturbing the monospacing. This, along with Fix Cyst, are my first fonts with an Unicode range, (there are 150 different glyphs, including many accented characters). This font works best at 14 and 16 points. Fortunately, the 14 point size works perfectly in Microsoft Word. If other people have the same problems with this font in Word, though, its' use as a display face will be much diminished. My copy of Word is screwy. I can't type the single or double quotes from any of the fonts I make with ScanFont, but I can copy them in from somewhere else. They do appear in Notepad, Word Pad, and the character map. It would help me a lot if a few people could try this font in other apps, to see how it acts. Anyway, I hope you like it. I have another new one to post in its' own thread. ~bito
  6. Nice free font. Link> Philosopher Font | dafont.com Enjoy!
  7. My new font series is based on Shepard Fairey's Obey Giant street art campaign. When completed, this series will have at least four fonts, and possibly as many as seven. I've already shared these privately with a few people, and I was waiting for Luc Devroye to post them on my homepage before making them more widely available, but Luc seems to be busy right now, and I'm going to wait a while before following up with him on that. These are preliminary tests, so many of the glyphs will look better in the final versions of the fonts when I do some single pixel editing, These fonts are made from monochrome bitmaps, using MS Paint and ScanFont 3.13. I've been trying a new procedure with many of the source graphics, editing full colour, 24 bit bitmaps directly to monochrome, pixel by pixel. It's a long process, (sometimes one glyph takes a full day!), but it gives outstanding results. I'll be redoing most of the glyphs I did in November, December, and early January, because the quality of the earlier ones isn't comparable to the ones I've done more recently. These fonts will not work if you are using Windows Vista, and my work has a reputation for freezing the operating systems for some people, while others experience no problems viewing or using them. When I have completed the final fonts, I'll release alternate versions with the glyphs in the capital letters ASCII range instead of lower case. I am confident that this will solve the th Vista conflict problem, and at that point, they should be good to go on all operating systems. Rodolphe at dafont found that some of my fonts are compatible with Vista when the character set posistions are moved. The average size per glyph, (about 20 kb), is consistent with my fonts that are Vista friendly, such as KleinKarpets and the AmyBats series. The fonts are available here: 4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download Obey test1&2.rar test1 has 37 glyphs, a-z in lower case, numbers 0-9, and the exclamation point. test2 has 26 glyphs, a-z in lower case. These particular glyphs will probably not all appear together in the final versions. I'm hopeful that the complete series will be completed before May 1. For those of you who would like to see these fonts, but are unsure of how they may affect your operating system, I have embedded both fonts into a Microsoft Word document, available here: 4shared.com - document sharing - download test1 & test2 character guides.doc This document is safe to open on any computer which can handle an MS Word 2000 document. Here are a few of the glyphs used in these tests. The 72 point size is about 93% as large as what you see below. I check the character guides at 200%/144 point size to see where I can make some minor improvements with some pixel editing. ScanFont isn't all that precise, so I don't know where to make revisions until after I generate test fonts. I think this is my best work yet, and I hope you will agree. Thanks, ~bito
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