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Found 7 results

  1. novac

    Ipsum Planet - Neo2

    Ipsum Planet - Neo2 Neo2 Blog - letrag Pomegranate Orquidea Novich Houndstooth Sector96 Salami RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
  2. ≈Lejane

    Atelier Bubentraum - Anton Studer

    Anton Studer for Atelier Bubentraum http://bubentraum.com/ http://bubentraum.com/?page_id=17 free typefaces designed for NEO2: Motion One+ Two http://www.neo2.es/blog/2009/02/motion-one-type/ Minimeter http://www.neo2.es/blog/2008/07/minimeter/ Paper (The Folded) http://bubentraum.com/?page_id=756 Goodbye Display Font http://bubentraum.com/?page_id=88 + Hausbau http://bubentraum.com/?page_id=771 for Die Gestalten: Frank http://bubentraum.com/?page_id=1019 Frank Black.pfb Frank Black.pfm
  3. †Ryuk†

    Flop Design

    Flop Design Ready Made (1 style - TT/MAC) - similar to Schwartzco Giorgio/Corvinus Skyline
  4. Pilo

    dafont - complete collection

    dafont - free fonts - complete site collection as of 5.21.2008 - 8024 fonts dafont - download - part 1 dafont - download - part 2 dafont - download - part 3 dafont - download - part 4 dafont - download - part 5 dafont.com-Preview
  5. bobistheowl

    bobistheowl fonts

    My newest font is DOS Boot, which reproduces the DOS command prompt font in True Type. There will be a companion font to this one which will include the box drawing symbols, smilie faces, card suits, maths, etc. I won't be putting this one on my site until after the supplements font is completed. You can get this font for a week at: https://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=batch_download&batch_id=bVlBa0ZSbEFEbUpFQlE9PQ In addition, there will be a 250% larger version of this font, named Fist Six. A lot of editing still needs to be done on that one, but it does lo
  6. tipotip

    Free Font - Philosopher

    Nice free font. Link> Philosopher Font | dafont.com Enjoy!
  7. bobistheowl

    Preview of new bobistheowl font series

    My new font series is based on Shepard Fairey's Obey Giant street art campaign. When completed, this series will have at least four fonts, and possibly as many as seven. I've already shared these privately with a few people, and I was waiting for Luc Devroye to post them on my homepage before making them more widely available, but Luc seems to be busy right now, and I'm going to wait a while before following up with him on that. These are preliminary tests, so many of the glyphs will look better in the final versions of the fonts when I do some single pixel editing, These fonts are made f
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