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Found 5 results

  1. http://losttype.com Post Updated with latest updates from July 18, 2011 If you like any of the fonts shared from this foundry, please, please, please support these fonts by offering to pay what you want for the specific fonts you may be interested in. Even if it is a few bucks, this type of type foundry model is how it should be. Let's support this idea and the quality of work being offered from this site now and in the future. Previews: http://losttype.com/browse/ DOWNLOAD http://direct.nekaka.com/tQVpEf3V8z/n4Ik
  2. Guest

    Apostrophic Laboratories

    WEBSITE (backup of fonts) http://pedroreina.net/apostrophiclab/tipos.php
  3. Guest

    Pastaza Type - Juan Casco

    About me: Introduction: Hi, I’m Juan Casco from Puyo Ecuador and I think typography is a great way to represent feelings and to express my design skills. Services: I’m a self taught Graphic and Type Designer. Not only I keep designing new typefaces but I improve the old ones as well. I am also a freelancer in graphic design. Although I’m not an expert, I must say that I’m passionate about Logo Design. Please do remember that my fonts are for personal and commercial use. I’m currently taking requests for Logo design too. You are more than welcome to contact me through my email [metanorocker14@hotmail.com ] for more information. http://www.fontspace.com/profile/DarkoJuan http://www.fontspace.com/pastaza-type http://www.juancasco.net/ All fonts are very well and are free
  4. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RB6KY1RA Did not locate a preview list: 7-7000.ttf 24Track.ttf 45.ttf 1159 2003.ttf 2004.ttf Ace.ttf Actually.ttf ActualSize.ttf Adonis.ttf AllModCons.ttf Alright.ttf Alvin.ttf AmericanGirls.ttf Amp.ttf Amplifier.ttf AmyJohnson.ttf Ana.ttf AppleScruffs.ttf Assclown.ttf Astro.ttf Automat.ttf Babylon.ttf Bachelorette.ttf BachelorPad.ttf BackToMono.ttf BadToMe.ttf Bait.ttf Ball.ttf Balls.ttf BananaSeat.ttf BarkingDog.ttf BazookaJoe.ttf BBQcow moo.ttf Beeper.ttf BetchaByGollyWow.ttf Betrayal.ttf BFBigmouth.ttf Big Boy.ttf BigBeatBold.ttf BigBigLove.ttf BigBlueDiamonds.ttf BigDeal.ttf BigDiamonds.ttf BigFlirt.ttf Bigsby.ttf BigZero.ttf BigZeroSquared.ttf BirthOfTheTrue.ttf BiTthing.ttf BlackBook.ttf BlackDot.ttf Blackhole.ttf Blacktop.ttf Bling.ttf Blocks.ttf Blondie.ttf BlueHeaven.ttf BlueIce.ttf Blulite.ttf BooHoo.ttf BoundForGlory.ttf BowWowSquared.ttf Boxboy.ttf BoxOJoe.ttf Boxtop.ttf BoyCrazy.ttf Boys.ttf BoyToy.ttf BrineShrimp.ttf BrokenCode.ttf BrokenDoll.ttf BrokenPromise.ttf Bubblegum.ttf BuonaFortuna.ttf Busterboy.ttf Capsule.ttf Carnivale.ttf Caroline.ttf Cars&Girls.ttf Casey.ttf Ce La Luna.ttf Chainguard.ttf Champs Elysees.ttf ChampsElysees.ttf Chance.ttf Chelsea Boys.ttf Chelsea.ttf ChelseaGirl.ttf ChelseaNights.ttf ChewToy.ttf Chocolate.ttf Chopper.ttf ChurchillsParrot.ttf CityOfLights.ttf CloseShave.ttf CoasterBrakes.ttf Code .ttf Code.ttf Codename.ttf CoffeeCup.ttf Concrete and Clay.ttf Console-Input.ttf Console-Regular.ttf Console-Relay.ttf Console-Reset.ttf Console.ttf Cool.ttf CoolMetro.ttf CoralSea.ttf CosmosMoon.ttf CowardSquared.ttf Cream.ttf CrimsonClover.ttf Crush No. 47.ttf Crush No. 49.ttf Crush47.ttf Crush49.ttf CrushNo47.ttf Crybaby.ttf CryingTime.ttf Cupcake TextOnly.ttf Cupcake Wrapper.ttf Cupcake.ttf Cupid.ttf CupOJoe.ttf Daddy.ttf DaDooRonRon.ttf DannyFields.ttf DavidSellers.ttf Deceit.ttf DeeDee.ttf DeepDark.ttf Desperado.ttf Dialtone.ttf DickieDee.ttf Dictafont.ttf Diet Dr. Creep.ttf DietDrCreep.ttf DincBATS.ttf DincCorona.ttf DincINK-Wet.ttf DincINK.ttf Dinette-Modern.ttf Dinette-Regular.ttf Dinette-Retro.ttf Dinette-Tall.ttf Dinette-Vintage.ttf Dixie-Box.ttf Dixie-Regular.ttf Dixie-Thin.ttf Dixie-Tilt.ttf Doggy.ttf Donut.ttf DoublyBlessed.ttf Dozen.ttf Dr. Creep.ttf Dr.MyEye.ttf DrCreep.ttf Dreamboat.ttf DreamboatBig.ttf DreamboatBigTilt.ttf DreamboatStraight.ttf DreamboatTilt.ttf Dreamgirl.ttf Drive.ttf Dumbo.ttf DuoJet-HighTop.ttf DuoJet-HighTopThin.ttf DuoJet-Regular.ttf DuoJet-Thin.ttf Duojet.ttf Dynamite.ttf Echo&Sway.ttf EchoPark.ttf EeewFish.ttf EggCream.ttf EiffelTower.ttf EightBits.ttf Electrolux.ttf ElGoodo.ttf Emmanuel.ttf EmpireState.ttf Enabler.ttf Enoki.ttf Espresso.ttf Evergreen.ttf EvilTwin.ttf EZBake.ttf Fab.ttf Fairytale.ttf FakeFriends.ttf FallInLove.ttf Farfallena.ttf FayWray.ttf Feathers.ttf FeelinGroovy.ttf FemmeFatale.ttf Fifties Regular.ttf FiftyFive.ttf Fingerprints.ttf Fireball.ttf Firefly Slant.ttf Firefly.ttf FireflySlant.ttf Firelight.ttf Fish.ttf Fishboy.ttf Fishing.ttf Fishsticks.ttf FiveBits.ttf FiveO.ttf Fluff.ttf FoolsGold.ttf Footnote.ttf FourAMCigarettes.ttf FourWay.ttf FrankMills.ttf FreshFishSpecial.ttf Friday.ttf FunkyBut....ttf FunnyValentine.ttf Funtime.ttf Fuzzbox.ttf Gamble.ttf GeeWhiz.ttf Get Thee Gone.ttf GirlieMen.ttf GoGo.ttf GoGoGirl.ttf Gomer.ttf Goober.ttf GoodRiddance.ttf Grandpaboy.ttf GreenwichVillage.ttf GrievousAngel.ttf Grifter.ttf Gumballs.ttf Heart.ttf HeartOfStone.ttf HellNotes.ttf HelloHello.ttf Heroes&Villains.ttf HickoryWind.ttf HighNumbers.ttf Hipster.ttf Hoboken.ttf Homework-Regular.ttf Homework-Slant.ttf Homewrecker.ttf HotBurrito3.ttf Hotrod.ttf HotStuff.ttf Howdy.ttf Hydromatic.ttf Ice.ttf Iceberg.ttf Iceberger.ttf Icecube.ttf IceHeart.ttf IdiotWind.ttf IncensePeppermints.ttf Infidelities.ttf Ink.ttf Innocence.ttf InstantKarma.ttf Integrity.ttf Jacks.ttf JeannieShrimpton.ttf JetAge.ttf JetAgeHiFi.ttf JetAgeLoFi.ttf Jetboy.ttf Jez.ttf JiffyLube.ttf JiffyType.ttf JimmyCap .ttf Jodigirl.ttf JoeCollege .ttf Joey.ttf JoJo.ttf Juice.ttf Jump.ttf Kakadu.ttf KarmaChameleon.ttf KaseyMac.ttf Kate.ttf Kickstand.ttf Kima.ttf Kingbats Medium.ttf Kingbats.ttf KingMe.ttf Kong.ttf Krate.ttf KungFuGirl.ttf LaDolceVita.ttf LadyBug.ttf LadyLuck.ttf LanceLoud.ttf Laura.ttf LaVidaLoca.ttf LazyDynamite.ttf Levi Stubbs Tears.ttf LexiGirl.ttf Liars.ttf LiarsMoon.ttf Licorice.ttf Life On Mars.ttf Lipstick.ttf Little Love.ttf Little Ramona.ttf Littlebits.ttf LittleDipper.ttf LittleEden.ttf LittleItaly.ttf Liverpool.ttf London Calling.ttf Lonely Planet Boy.ttf LonelyFrog.ttf LongTallSally.ttf Loser.ttf LoveMeAvenue.ttf Loverboy.ttf LowerEastSide.ttf LowRider.ttf Luck.ttf Madness.ttf Magic.ttf Major Lift.ttf Marmalade.ttf Marquee.ttf MarqueeMoon.ttf MaryQuant.ttf MassiveBlur.ttf Matchbox .ttf MelbourneWC.ttf Memorial Day 911.ttf Meow Mix.ttf MerseyBeat.ttf messaround.ttf Metal Guru.ttf Metric.ttf Metroline.ttf Metropolitan.ttf MezzaLuna.ttf Midnight.ttf MidnightKiss.ttf Mikes.ttf Mine.ttf MiniMetro.ttf Minor Fall.ttf Mirror.ttf Missile.ttf MisterLee.ttf MoBetterWise.ttf Mobile.ttf Mod.ttf Mon Ami Vrai.ttf Moondog.ttf Moonlight.ttf Moonstruck.ttf Mr.Earl.ttf MrBigStuff.ttf MrsMean.ttf MrsNasty.ttf Murder101.ttf NakedLunch.ttf Nineteen.ttf Noise.ttf Noveltease.ttf NYC.ttf Oceans11.ttf OfficeBoy.ttf One Tin Soldier.ttf OneAfter909.ttf OneFish.ttf OneInchRock.ttf OneWithU.ttf OnYourBike.ttf PaperTiger.ttf Parseltongue.ttf Passports.ttf Pati.ttf Payback.ttf PeeWee.ttf PencilBox.ttf Peppermint Lump.ttf PeppermintLump.ttf PerfectCouple .ttf Phatboyz.ttf Philles.ttf Photocopy.ttf Photoplay.ttf Pimpster.ttf PineapplePop.ttf Pinup.ttf Pipeline-Circled.ttf Pipeline-Regular.ttf Pipeline-Slant.ttf Pipeline-Squared.ttf PixelPop.ttf Placemats.ttf PolkaDot.ttf Popstar.ttf Portobello.ttf Posers.ttf Precognition.ttf Pretty Baby.ttf PrincessCards.ttf Promises.ttf Pruneface.ttf Pulp.ttf PunchyPowell.ttf Pushpop.ttf QBats .ttf QueenOfCorona.ttf Quizzical.ttf RadioRadio.ttf Ramona.ttf Ranger.ttf RayGun.ttf RealLove.ttf Receptionist.ttf Reconnez.ttf Recordhop-LP.ttf Recordhop-Regular.ttf Recordhop-Spin.ttf Recordhop-Wide.ttf RedFish.ttf Redux.ttf Regent.ttf Rendezvous.ttf Resolution.ttf Respect.ttf Rhymes.ttf RhythmicallyAdmired.ttf Rimbaud.ttf Rising.ttf Riviera.ttf Robot.Com.ttf RobotGirl.ttf Rocket.ttf Rocketship.ttf Ronettes.ttf Rose Pie.ttf Roundup-Inside.ttf Roundup-InsideOut.ttf Roundup-Outside.ttf Roundup-Regular.ttf Rubberduck.ttf Rudeboy.ttf SafeHouse.ttf Satellite-Regular.ttf Satellite-SQT.ttf Satellite-Squared.ttf Satellite-Tilt.ttf Satellites.ttf Satori.ttf Saturday's Girl.ttf Saturn Return.ttf ScarletLetter.ttf Scout.ttf Scripto.ttf SecretarialPool.ttf Secrets.ttf SeptemberGurls.ttf SevenDays.ttf SeventyThree.ttf ShaLaLa.ttf ShepherdsBush.ttf Shipwreck.ttf Shoelace.ttf ShoveWhat.ttf SiliconChip.ttf Silverjet.ttf Sixteen.ttf Skatekey.ttf Skyway.ttf Sleepwalk .ttf Slickdawg.ttf SlimJim.ttf SmellyFax.ttf Snapper.ttf SnoCone.ttf Socks.ttf Soho.ttf Soul Deep.ttf SoulDeep.ttf SoWhat.ttf Spitball.ttf Spot.ttf Spotlight.ttf SquareCircle.ttf Starry.ttf StarryEyes.ttf StarryFHope.ttf StarrySpanishEyes.ttf Startone.ttf StencilMeIn.ttf Stereophonic.ttf STJFro.ttf Stratocaster.ttf StreetLegal.ttf StreetRod.ttf Strummer.ttf SugarBoy.ttf SugarDaddy.ttf Sugaree.ttf SummerOfLove.ttf SundayGirl.ttf SundaySanFrancisco.ttf Sunrise.ttf Superscript.ttf SweetPotato.ttf SwinginLondon.ttf Sycophant.ttf TangledUp.ttf Tattooed Sailor.ttf Tatum.ttf Teardrops.ttf TenYearLie.ttf TheComedians.ttf Thief.ttf ThinkPink.ttf ThinLine.ttf Thirteen.ttf ThousandLies.ttf ThousandOceans.ttf ThreeCubicFeet.ttf TiniestDancer.ttf Titanium.ttf TooCool.ttf Toolbox.ttf TopSecret.ttf TOTP.ttf Tour de Lance.ttf TourDeLance.ttf TrainInVain.ttf Transistor.ttf Treason.ttf TriangleHead.ttf Tribeca.ttf Truth.ttf Tumbin Dice.ttf TunaFro.ttf TuttiFrutti.ttf TwoFish.ttf TypeOMatic.ttf TypeToyNight.ttf Typo.ttf Upsmack.ttf Valentine.ttf Vera Gemini.ttf Victim.ttf VillageIdiot.ttf VirginiaPlain.ttf WallOfSound.ttf WaltzingMatilda.ttf Waterloo.ttf Waverly.ttf Weather.ttf WildChild.ttf Wired.ttf Wiretap.ttf WitchyKitchen.ttf Witness2HB.ttf WorkingGirl.ttf XRaySpex.ttf YaYa.ttf YaYaBaby.ttf YeahRight.ttf YesterMe.ttf YikesBikes.ttf Yobbo.ttf YrChickens.ttf YrType.ttf Yuppie Fraud.ttf Zelda.ttf ZeroGirl.ttf ZimmyTheLiar.ttf
  5. Anton Studer for Atelier Bubentraum http://bubentraum.com/ http://bubentraum.com/?page_id=17 free typefaces designed for NEO2: Motion One+ Two http://www.neo2.es/blog/2009/02/motion-one-type/ Minimeter http://www.neo2.es/blog/2008/07/minimeter/ Paper (The Folded) http://bubentraum.com/?page_id=756 Goodbye Display Font http://bubentraum.com/?page_id=88 + Hausbau http://bubentraum.com/?page_id=771 for Die Gestalten: Frank http://bubentraum.com/?page_id=1019 Frank Black.pfb Frank Black.pfm Frank Bold.pfb Frank Bold.pfm Frank Light.pfb Frank Light.pfm Frank.pfb Frank.pfm Goodbye Black Black.ttf Goodbye Light Light.ttf + MAC Hausbau.ttf Minimeter_Outline.ttf MinimeterOutline.ttf + MAC Motion.otf MotionOne.otf MotionTwo.otf Paper.ttf + MAC download http://www.embedupload.com/?d=5SMWWIGJIK
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