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These fonts were created as part of a class or workshop at California School of Arts. They are poorly documented and authorship is questionable at times if not impossible. Some of these went on to become commercial releases.


Fonts by Andrea Futter
[CAL] Newhall.futter

Fonts by Austin Putnam
[CAL] Bradbury.putnam
[CAL] EuroThang.putnam
[CAL] GridLock.putnam
[CAL] KopyKattKut-Bold.putnam
[CAL] KopyKattKut-Reg.putnam
[CAL] KopyKattText.putnam
[CAL] Ray Gun.putnam
[CAL] Sixer.putnam
[CAL] SpikerMixed.putnam
[CAL] SpikerSans.putnam
[CAL] SpikerSerif.putnam
[CAL] TegenTonen.putnam
[CAL] Trix.putnam

Fonts by Barry Deck
[CAL] Barry Sans/Deck
[CAL] Bombadeer/Deck
[CAL] Canicopulus Script/Deck
[CAL] Industry Sans/Deck
[CAL] Mutant Industrial/Deck
[CAL] TemPlate Gothic/Deck

Fonts by Bill Dynan
[CAL] Protheses.dynan

Fonts by Bill Nelson
[CAL] Tribulation.nelson

Fonts by Brent Skaff
[CAL] Homocidal.skaff

Fonts by Christian Tekath
[CAL] Scope.tekath

Fonts by Conor (?)
[CAL] Platelet.conor

Fonts by Corey Holms
[CAL] Consume.holms
[CAL] Empire.holms

Fonts by Damon
[CAL] SoMuchForDetails.damon

Fonts by Dave Bravenec
[CAL] Dactylos.bravenec

Fonts by David Vegezzi
[CAL] Phy83.vegezzi

Fonts by David Zwornerer
[CAL] Zwiga formal.zwornerer

Fonts by Deborah Littlejohn
[CAL] Siesmic.littlejohn

Fonts by Denise Gonzales
[CAL] DNA Thin.gonzales

Fonts by Ed Fladung
[CAL] Pigsnot.fladung

Fonts by Edwin Utermohlen
[CAL] Garamonde Minuscule.uter
[CAL] Portable.utermohlen

Fonts by Glen Nakasako
[CAL] Suffocation.nakasako

Fonts by Goeffery McFeteridge
[CAL] DUBMAP.mcfetridge
[CAL] Teardrop.mcfetridge
[CAL] WEEP-SOB.mcfetridge

Fonts by James Stoecker
[CAL] Sepulveda.stoecker

Fonts by Janet Todd
[CAL] Ahmanson.todd
[CAL] Chunky Monkey.todd

Fonts by Jen Staggs
[CAL] CheapLetterPress.staggs

Fonts by Jens Gehlhaar
[CAL] Lettuce.gehlhaar
[CAL] Lucerne.gehlhaar

Fonts by Kaz
[CAL] Kaudy.kaz
[CAL] Kazmemphis.kaz
[CAL] Nail.kaz

Fonts by Keedy
[CAL] HardTimes.keedy
[CAL] KeedySans.keedy
[CAL] Skelter Bold.keedy
[CAL] Troopship.keedy

Fonts by Leon Cobb
[CAL] BastardVILLE.cobb

Fonts by Louise Sandhaus
[CAL] Textura Fonts.sandhaus
[CAL] Thisway.sandhaus

Fonts by Ludger (?)
[CAL] Recycledrei.ludger

Fonts By Margo Johnsom
[CAL] Sidestreet.johnsom

Fonts by Michael Worthington
[CAL] Dominatrix.worthington
[CAL] Eugenius.worthington

Fonts by Phil Baines
[CAL] Horncastle.baines

Fonts by Richard Shanks
[CAL] Fracture.shanks
[CAL] Kalamazoo.shanks

Fonts by Robin Cottle
[CAL] StereoType.cottle

Fonts by Scott Ulrich
[CAL] CheapSignage.ulrich
[CAL] Criminal.ulrich
[CAL] Curve Gothic Two.ulrich
[CAL] DIN Garbageschrift.ulrich
[CAL] Distemper.ulrich
[CAL] Failsafe.ulrich
[CAL] Fucker.ulrich
[CAL] Garden.ulrich
[CAL] Geek Skinny.ulrich
[CAL] Globule.ulrich
[CAL] Klown fonts.ulrich
[CAL] KopyKatt.ulrich
[CAL] Leatherhead.ulrich
[CAL] LogoFont.ulrich
[CAL] Misfortune.ulrich
[CAL] Neo-eon.ulrich
[CAL] neo-eon. final.ulrich
[CAL] Ntsc.ulrich
[CAL] Rattrap.ulrich
[CAL] Regenerator.ulrich
[CAL] Severe types.ulrich
[CAL] TapeGun.ulrich
[CAL] Thickhead.ulrich
[CAL] Uni.ulrich

Fonts by Shelly
[CAL] High Voltage.shelly

Fonts by Shoshannah Day
[CAL] Treads.day

Fonts by Smith (?)
[CAL] Boutime.smith

Fonts by Sue LaPorte
[CAL] 1 ioda.laporte
[CAL] Faces of Eve.laporte

Fonts by Todd Childers
[CAL] Ennis Brown.childers

Fonts by Weston Bingham
[CAL] Abducted.bingham
[CAL] Baudrillard.bingham
[CAL] Dekalb.bingham
[CAL] Early Baudrillard.bingham
[CAL] Poliglot.bingham
[CAL] Roadkill.bingham

Fonts by Unknown Designer
[CAL] Bombadeer 
[CAL] Coppertop
[CAL] DeGenerate
[CAL] Fly ID-Old
[CAL] Future type
[CAL] Gothic Meltdown
[CAL] GridLock
[CAL] Guilotine
[CAL] Hidarte
[CAL] JamesMoore
[CAL] Orbit Antique
[CAL] Rasputin
[CAL] Raygun
[CAL] Sally
[CAL] ScotchFont
[CAL] Seminar
[CAL] Skin/David (elvis)
[CAL] SpeedRacerX.
[CAL] Spiker
[CAL] Waterfont/Sally?
[CAL] WearyWestern
[CAL] Wormwood





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