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P The Typographer's Toolkit


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Requesting The Typographer's Toolkit, type bundle by Pixel Surplus. Thanks in advance.

Contains: The Brewers Collection (Hustle Supply Co.), The Loyal Watchman (Miglena Spasova), Nashville (Josh Ownby), Brighton (Ramandhani Nugraha), Putnam (Josh Ownby), Tamaki Pro (Jadugar Design Studio), Wildwood (Haynie Design Co), Fairhope (Vincent Avila), Hell Or Highwater (Ryan Bowles), Flattery (Deadlock Studio), Moonshine (Josh Ownby), Hermes (Jorse), Rheiborn (BART.Co Design), Southwell (Studio FabianFischer), Seaport (Font Forestry), Mingus (Josh Ownby), Typerighter (Jadugar Design Studio), Milady (Deadlock Studio), Expant (Jorse), Hardwatt (Gleb Guralnyk), Byrgos (Miglena Spasova), Everlasting (Deadlock Studio), Westmore (Josh Ownby), Manhattan (Ramandhani Nugraha), Birdfield (DesignsFuse), Nobbler (Giemons), Hollywood (Annenkov Dmitriy) and Bllase (Miglena Spasova)




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