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M+ - mplus - Coji Morishita


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I'm sure these fonts have been shared somewhere but haven't

seen anyone keeping them updated so decided to post a thread to

dedicate only for "M Plus Fonts".


Coji Morishita has dedicate himself to this typeface

and continued working on adding and improving it everyday.

I would like to thank for him being creating such great fonts.


Here is the preview of the fonts.



The lastest version is 039.

(Since the version 038, the letterspecing has been updated so

now it looks much better when you set the text in alphabet.)

Japanese glyphs are still in progress to be completed.


Here is the link to download all of them.




I am so sorry I'm doing wrong thing here.

Please delete this thread if this is not appropriate.


Many thanks to All Pilo users.

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