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Marty Bee


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Well know for his freeware/shareware offerings, Marty has also done fonts for commercial outfits like T26 (CropCircles, Gargantua, SonofStarman, Starman Pict) and Plazm (Cibola (1995, nice dingbats), WetandWilde (1994) and Three Rivers). With no on-line presense, He seems to have totally disappeared. The font "WheresMarty" by an unknown designer is named for Marty. A lot of the stuff is crappy...


[bEE] AtomicSushi

[bEE] Beatnik

[bEE] Big Bubba

[bEE] CactusPete

[bEE] Calypso

[bEE] Cheap-Motel

[bEE] Contraband

[bEE] Daytripper

[bEE] Fat Sushi

[bEE] Flower

[bEE] Frankenstein

[bEE] Freakout

[bEE] Galleon

[bEE] Gargantua

[bEE] Ghost Bayou

[bEE] GoblinMoon

[bEE] Halloweenies

[bEE] Kerouac

[bEE] KrisKris

[bEE] Lafitte

[bEE] Manzanita

[bEE] Mimbres

[bEE] My Shoes And Socks

[bEE] PostModernOblique

[bEE] PricklyPear

[bEE] Saguaro

[bEE] Sangreal

[bEE] ScaredyCat

[bEE] SidTheSpider

[bEE] Slasher New

[bEE] Slumgullion-Plain

[bEE] Spookwind

[bEE] Stilleto Plain

[bEE] TheVillage

[bEE] ThreeRivers

[bEE] Tropicana-Plain

[bEE] Wildside





Preview selection (you wouldn't like to see all of them ;-):



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