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Marko Horobchik

(Marko Horobchik is released on Google Web fonts as Marko One)


Marko Horobchik is a brush-inspired typeface for children’s literature.

As the name suggests(Horobchik is Ukrainian for sparrow), the initial idea was to create a typeface-companion for Marko the sparrow — a cartoon character by illustrator and type designer Zhenya Spizhovyi.







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Guest denisdagood

All fonts in one share


Adamina (1xTT, by Alexei Vanyashin)

Alice (1xTT, by Ksenia Erulevich)

Alike (1xTT,by Sveta Sebyakina)

Alike Angular (1xTT, by Sveta Sebyakina, Alexei Vanyashin)

Artifika (1xTT, by Yulya Zhdanova, Ivan Petrov)

Aubrey (1xTT, by Gayaneh Bagdasaryan)

Baumans (1xTT, by Henadij Zarechnjuk)

Bonbon (1xTT, by Ksenia Erulevich)

Brawler (1xTT, by Oleg Frolov)

Federant (1xTT, by Olexa Volochay, Alexei Vanyashin)

Federo (1xTT, by Olexa Volochay, references Jakob Erbar's Feder Grotesk)

Iceland (1xTT, by Victor Kharyk)

Lora (4xTT, by Olga Karpushina)

Marko One (1xTT, by Zhenya Spizhovyi)

Marmelad (1xTT +cyrillic, by Manvel Shmavonyan)

Podkova (1xTT, by Ilya Yudin)

Prata (1xTT, by Ivan Petrov)

Rationale (1xTT, by Alexei Vanyashin in cooperation with Olexa Volochay and Vladimir Pavlikov)

Vidaloka (1xTT, by Alexei Vanyashin and Olga Karpushina)

Volkhov (4xTT, by Ivan Petrov)

Wire One (1xTT, by Alexei Vanyashin and Gayaneh Bagdasaryan)


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aio with the current versions from their website / github repository. previews for all the fonts in the archive are included.


current share status as of may 18, 2021:

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