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Lions Den International - LD


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A juvenile collection of fonts and dingbats composed of elements related to sex and/or human body parts.




WARNING: This fonts not only contain but consist of sexual related material.

Europeans would normally consider it as art... anyone offended by such things shouldnt download or preview.


Preview (selection):

Lions Den erotic Art

Internat tagged as: © 1995 By Lions Den International, Inc. All World Rights Reserved.

This font is not shareware or public domain and may not be redistributed

under any circumstances! Proprietary Data.


[LD] Adult Dingbats

[LD] Adult Dingbats One

[LD] Adult Dingbats Three

[LD] Adult Dingbats Two

[LD] Balls

[LD] Big Breast

[LD] Condom

[LD] Leather

[LD] Lube

[LD] Penis No1

[LD] Penis No2

[LD] Sex

[LD] Sperm

[LD] Whip

Lions Den catalogue.pdf





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Usually, the ratio of people saying thanks and people just downloading without is about 1:3, I experienced (thx to sharemole ;-). Somehow I was very curious about how it would be in this thread... and changed the link from embed to sharemole after a day. Its more then 1:7 (probably 1:10) ... I wonder why!?


: >> :-wl

Edited by †Ryuk†
You really deserve one more "thanks" ;)
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Lions Den may not be a good test case ...

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nono, you get me wrong! I was not fishing for compliments... ;-)

Just wanted to point to the obvious fact, that when it comes to sexuality, people like to stay hidden...

and of cause I wanted to amuse myself a bit about prudery in common, hehe

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