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Rules and Guidelines for Requests


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Please try to help yourself BEFORE asking others to help you.


You can do this by first of all searching the share section, then if you dont find what you want, try to provide the name of the Foundry/Designer of the font you are asking for . A link to the site that sells it can also help but isnt absolutely essential.


Put the name of the font in the post title, please dont put "HELP PLEEEEASEEE" or other silly things. And providing you remember to post in the right section you dont have to put "REQ" in the title.


If no-one replies it probably means no-one has it (yet). Be patient and dont keep bumping your threads. Bumping once a week is okay. That means 7 days not five.


A please and thank you go a long way :D


and of course if you are on a MAC please say so.


if you dont want to/cant read




When "searching" please do not only search for the font name, search for the foundry too, and if it has already been requested BUMP the existing thread (make sure 7 days have past since last reply).


If there is an existing foundry request thread and the one you want isnt included in that request you may add it without waiting 7 days.


thank you.

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Please, if you can, when you make a request, provide a preview of the font/s you are requesting.


We prefer you provide an image preview of the fonts you are requesting that are hosted with a hosting site such as tinypic.com, imgur.com, photobucket.com, imagehost etc. first.


Do not hotlink a post (linking the photo from the retailers site).


However, if you are unable to provide a photo preview, please provide a link to the corresponding typeface/s to better assist users who may be able to fill your request.


FYI - A single post is only allowed 5 images.



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that diagram should be a part of a New Member packet! brilliant.


hm. is that something that can be automated? a direct link to intro rules, incl. this diagram, for each new user, automatically sent to their email when they have been approved? (as opposed to an indirect, passive hope that a new member clicks on Stickys & Rules at the top of forums)?


just a thought. heh

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