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Gary Bouton (formerly Exclamations)

Guest Neocount

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Guest Neocount

"Charity ware" from Gary Bouton (PC TT/OT)


Beacon, Bifur, Elephants & Bears, Folks, Frankfurter Venetian, Geotype, International Symbols, Kursiv, Nouveau Ornaments II, Odyssey, Rococo Nouveau Deco Dings, Russel Write, Simulata, Sympols, Toddler Teeth, TutType, Twooth


previews and direct downloads:



also these, no longer available at website:

Benjamin Solid, Bouton Logos, Critic Italic, DaVinci Caps, Dr. Paprika, Fredda FL, Fruitbowl, Greek Diner Inline, Haxton Logos , KibbutzKnockOutline, Steppes (same as Toddler Teeth), WebKnobs, Whimsy



download (includes all listed above)


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