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Mindofone Fonts - Mo1


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These fonts are found in different threads and I thought it is about time to put them under one thread. Aside from the six here, there are dozens more in the Dick Pape thread.

Dorfsman A Mo1 - a single letter font based on the hand lettered a by Lou Dorfsman.
Glas Deco Mo1 - regular in LC, wide alternate in UC. based on an alphabet from Hoffmanns Schriftatlas: Das Schriftschaffen der Gegenwart in Alphabeten und Anwendungen by Herbert Hoffmann (Stuttgart 1930.)
Made Mo1 - caps and numerals. based on opening sequence font of the 1979 movie Made
Mexico86 - caps in LC and numerals, with alternates in UC. based on Mexico 1986 World Cup logo font
Space Odyssey Mo1 - caps only. based on the end credits font of Stanley Kubrick's 1968 movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Twin Mo1 - caps and numerals. based on Twin designed by Mark El-khatib. 


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French Advertising Alphabets



FAA 3D Lettres En Relief.ttf
FAA Allongees.ttf
FAA Allongees Bold.ttf
FAA Antique Allongee.ttf
FAA Antique Grasse.ttf
FAA Antiques.ttf
FAA Antiques Grasses.ttf
FAA Baroque 3D Initiales.ttf
FAA Block Lettres En Relief.ttf
FAA Cameo Hollow.ttf
FAA Caracteres de Fantaisie.ttf
FAA Chevauchantes.ttf
FAA Cubiques.ttf
FAA Ecossaises.ttf
FAA Ecriture Grasse Emoussee.ttf
FAA Egyptienne Grasse.ttf
FAA Egyptiennes Emoussees.ttf
FAA Fantaisie.ttf
FAA Fantaisie Blaireau.ttf
FAA Fantaisie Hardi.ttf
FAA Fantaisie Haut.ttf
FAA Fantasio.ttf
FAA Floral Gothique Initiales.ttf
FAA French Mecane.ttf
FAA French Mécane.ttf
FAA Italian Heavy Slab.ttf
FAA Lettres Au Crayon Italic.ttf
FAA Liberty.ttf
FAA Normandes.ttf
FAA Normandes Allongees.ttf
FAA Ombree En Relief.ttf
FAA Onciale.ttf
FAA Orientales.ttf
FAA Pochoir.ttf
FAA Romain Classique.ttf
FAA Romain Typographique.ttf
FAA Serif Egyptienne.ttf
FAA Vette Fantasie Antieke.ttf

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French Alphabets


FA Antique 2748.ttf
FA Antique Shaded.ttf
FA Condensed Gothic.ttf
FA Condensed Reversed Gothic.ttf
FA Gill Sign Writers Guide.ttf
FA Gothic Initials.ttf
FA Herrick Sign Writers.ttf
FA Lettres En Relief.ttf
FA Moderne 0369.ttf
FA Moderne 0562a.ttf
FA Moderne 0562b.ttf
FA Moderne 0946a Bold.ttf
FA Moderne 0946b.ttf
FA Moderne 1367a.ttf
FA Moderne 1367b.ttf
FA Moderne 2021a.ttf
FA Moderne 2021b.ttf
FA Moderne 2491a.ttf
FA Moderne 2491b.ttf
FA Moderne 2491c.ttf
FA Moderne 2491d.ttf
FA Moderne 4441.ttf
FA Moderne 5204.ttf
FA Moderne 5204a.ttf
FA Moderne 5204b.ttf
FA Moderne 5204c.ttf
FA Moderne 6183a.ttf
FA Moderne 6183b.ttf
FA Moderne 6518a.ttf
FA Moderne 6518b.ttf
FA Moderne 6518c.ttf
FA Moderne 6518d.ttf
FA Moderne 7287a.ttf
FA Moderne 7287b.ttf
FA Moderne 7666.ttf
FA Moderne 7798.ttf
FA Moderne 9002a.ttf
FA Moderne 9002b.ttf
FA Moderne 9321a.ttf
FA Moderne 9321b.ttf
FA Putti.ttf
FA Round Sans 4901.ttf
FA Scènes Paysannes.ttf
FA Thin 3394.ttf
FA Transport Reversed 4858.ttf
FA UltraLIght.ttf
FA Vine Initials.ttf
FA Wild Flowers.ttf

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Mindofone AIO

Dorfsman A Mo1.otf
Glas Deco Alt Mo1.otf
Glas Deco Mo1.otf
Hadley Numerals Mo1.otf
Made Mo1.otf
Made Mo1.ttf
North Dallas Forty Mo1.otf
Space Odyssey Mo1.otf
Speedball Bulletin Heavy.ttf
Speedball Cond Bold Italic Bold Italic.ttf
Speedball Line Gothic Bold.ttf
Speedball Slant Script Italic.ttf
Twin Mo1.otf
War Games Mo1.otf[/codE]

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On 10/18/2019 at 5:13 AM, mmmikey said:
mindofone said:

Reup of post #5 Mindofone AIO please!

Re-up of the Mindofone AIO package - excluding the speedball fonts, as those really should be included in the Dick Pape collections (noted above):



password is:  designrocks


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