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Sendai by Philip Kelly


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‘Sendai’ is a new 6-weight typeface family, designed by British type designer Philip Kelly.

The typeface is comfortable in text usage with the slightly condensed shapes that help save space and also achieve punchy display headlines.

The restrained serifs are a nod to the Latin styles of the past.

The fonts are available exclusively from Philip Kelly Digital Design directly.


Sendai was conceived around 2001 and has been developed slowly ever since as time would permit between client’s projects.

The typeface began its life with larger, more Latin-like serifs.

The quirky h, m, n, and r ‘shoulders’ came later; likewise the ‘roll-arounds’ on the B, D, P, R, b, d, p and q.

I wanted the design to be slightly condensed to help with economical text setting, but not so condensed that legibility would suffer.

The slight condensation also makes for punchy display settings such as book jackets where space can be tight.



Some of you may not know but Philip was part of the renowned Letraset Type Studio for 25 years.

While at Letraset he built a large number of Letraset’s classic display typefaces under the direction of Colin Brignall.

He is credited typefaces such as University Roman, Pump, Algerian, Gillies Gothic and Croissant.


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