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Optimo Hermes Condensed


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New type from Optimo



For its 10th anniversary, we gifted our well-known typeface 'Hermes' with a new condensed version,

available in six styles perfect for dealing with dense graphic environments.

Avoiding overly sophisticated adjustments, the compact forms of this savvy typeface recall simple

geometrical shapes and low contrasted strokes from its original design. The spacing was intentionally

widened to work well in long texts and at small sizes.

The case covers the same full Latin A language, small caps, proportional/tabular figures, arbitrary

fractions and case-sensitive variants as its previous version. It also includes 100 additional glyphs,

featuring small caps figures, ordinal lowercases, superiors/inferiors lowercases and figures.

With this new condensed version and all the necessary opentype features, the Hermes family widens

its abilities for future graphic applications.

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