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The Most Comprehensive Index Of Free Icon Fonts


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I wasted most of the day downloading the web icon fonts listed at


so I thought I'd share them with you.


There are about 50 fonts, a couple I didn't download (one (Mun) was actually an alphabet, and one (Peculiar) was web only). One of them, Icomoon, consisted of individual icons that you had to choose, and generate a font, but you could only include a limited number. I generated only two of those, and also included a wf-rip from Lorem Ipsu.me found in another thread.

I've extracted the desktop fonts (or usable webfonts), but included the archives for people who want the webfont versions. The webfont stuff takes up a lot of space, so the whole download is 50 MB. Quite a few of them have all their glyphs in the Private Use Area, so you'll need an Open-Type aware application or a character picker to use them.




Here's a list of the fonts:


Brandico (Vitaly Puzrin)
ding_dongs (Jonathan Smith)
ding_maps (Thomas Harvey)
dotcom [Kreative Software]
Elusive Icons (Aristeides)
Entypo (Daniel Bruce)
Erler Dingbats DSIG [FF]
Evilz [N-plus]
FF Dingbests TT (Johannes Erler)
Font Awesome (Dave Gandy)
foundation_icons [ZURB]
geobats [iconian]
Glyphyx NF (Nick Curtis)
Grands-icon-font (Grawl)
heydings_icons [Heydon Works]
iconic (P J Onori)
ikoo (Dasmuse - Fontstruct)
LigatureSymbols (Kazuyuki Motoyama)
Listicons (Tony Thomas)
meteocons (Alessio Atzeni)
modern-pictograms (John Caserta)
openweb icons (Pfefferle)
Peculiar (no font, web only)
pictogramz (Marioz)
pictonic [Creative Sloth]
raphael icons (PulsarJS)
santiago_icono (Rodrigo Salas)
Signify Lite (Tony Thomas)
socialico [FontFabric]
Sosa (Ed Merritt)
StateFace [ProPublica]
Symbly Lite [DaMa]
Symbol Signs (Sander Baumann)
symbolix [DGL]
travelcons [iconian]
typicons_kit (Stephen Hutchings)
web-symbols (Igor Kiselev)
wg_handy_icons (Nathan Brown)
Zocial (Sam Collins)
Notice (Denis A. Serikov)
SirucaPictograms1.2 (Fabrizio Schiavi)
JustVector Web Font V1.2 (Sergio Diaz)

I also included two other fonts, Lineicons and Maki, not listed in the "most comprehensive index" that I generated at Fontello.com, another web icon site with a more forgiving interface.

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