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Morandi corporate fonts (repost from old Corp II thread)


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Looking for Morandi fonts previously posted in old Corporate Fonts II thread



I don't know which faces or how many, but this is different from the single Morandi serif light rip, which still exists as a link-dead post (now #138). I could use a re-up of that one too, but this was a later post; it used to be #147 and the post no longer exists. Prior to the great sharing server takedown last year, I had this system where I would save links to link-dead posts, along with preview images, thinking that I'd ask for them later when I'd built up enough cred. Well, that trick didn't work, :**and now I have hundreds of links to nothing with just a post number and sometimes a foundry or font name, and sometimes a preview. So if anyone managed to grab this one, please re-up. It looks quite nice.

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