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You can get 3 free Photo-Lettering settings at photo-lettering.com


You can then easily get three settings using the entire alphabet for each setting, but the alphabet must be entered in backwards, otherwise, it will not let you set it.






Sometimes the number 0 is the same as the letter O so you don't need to include that character in your setting, leaving you free to add another symbol/letter if you wish.


You can create as many free accounts as you wish with different email addresses and get 3 free settings each time.


You get 1 free setting by subscribing to email newletter/notifications on sign-up and then an additional 2 free settings by entering this code under your account page: PLINCCAT2011


Once you have made your three settings and added them to your cart, you can then download your setting as vectors (Choose to download the PDF over the PNG file)


Eventually maybe these vectors could be turned into keyable fonts.

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