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JMS Nizioletti (PDF extract needed)


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Guest Acrux

Hi, Ryuk

this is my old, unfinished project, for myself, based on the font for the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2012 .

Basic glyphs set & punctuaction only, mostly NOT originals but rebuild by me...









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Chiron, thank you very much for taking in consideration my boring request. The specimen was really poor but I always prefer this to nothing.

Acrux, you did far beyond than what I was expecting. Thank you very much, mate.

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Thanks, Acrux! - fine craftsmanship!!


... a closer look at the arrow and the /Q (??)



find /9/"]Link to original display

Venice Architecture Biennale Identity, John Morgan / Bauhaus: Art as Life exhibition, A Practice For Everyday Life



And better depiction of arrow here

Thanks again for sharing your work ... amazingly skillful!

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