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Obey series update and great new test font!


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Hi, folks, it has been many months since I've browsed the Pilo board. I've been working hard on my Obey Series, which now nears completion. I think I've solved the bugs that plagued many of my earlier fonts. The completed fonts so far work fine for me in MS Word, in both .ttf and .otf, and in both caps and lower case.


Luc Devroye is doing testing for me in other apps. He's away until Monday, so I'm holding off on releasing the completed fonts until after I get his feedback. I've been paying particular attention to the horizontal and vertical spacing, and I'm using much more precise source graphics, most of which have been edited directly from full colour, 24 bit bitmap to monochrome, pixel by pixel. It's a very long process, but it gives great results, and relatively small file sizes - most of the test fonts were about 200-250 kb in .ttf for 26 glyphs, and most of the fonts completed so far have been less than 100kb, but they didn't contain any of the more complex glyphs.


For those of you unfamiliar with the Obey series, I'm doing a large series, (more than 20 fonts), based on the Obey Giant street art campaign by Shepard Fairey. The latest test font uses source images twice my usual size, so at 72 points, each glyph fills about 2/3 of a 8½ x 11 page.


I took 26 completed glyphs of 280 pixel height, and increased the size to 200%. I did some intense editing on a few of them after the fact, but most were imported directly into ScanFont as is. A few of these will need some work to be done on them, but most are superb in their current form.


For those of you who are reluctant to install one of my fonts, based on previous experience with my prior work, or for those of you using Vista, (I'm not sure if these will have conflicts if ClearType is enabled), I have enclosed in the .rar an MS Word document in which the font has been embedded, so you can check it out in a document without having to install the font first.


Get the font and Word doc here:


4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download XL_test1a.rar


Here's the a glyph, now fully edited: a3321032083bc0f91743bo2.gif


Here's one for the next batch that I finished Sunday morning:



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