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Kimera KTF (requests merged)


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Guest nulleke

I do have this one, I presume that this isn't from Kimera. This file contains:

OganicaGMM Std SmSerifRoman. It looks the same :o)) but maybe not a great help :-SC





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Simply Audrey

Does anybody has "NOTA" from Kimera Foundry?


Thanx in advance!


PS: Oops! I'm editing the note 'cause I am realizing that I was supposed to ask on the "Requests" section... I don't know at this point how to delete the note and cannot figure how am I supposed to write a request while there is a share thread with the same name.... (Sorry!)

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moved and merged.


All you have to do is search the REQUEST section, and if an existing thread exists , add your request. If one does NOT exist, create a new request thread.


It doesnt matter if a share for that particular foundry already exists, if the font you want hasnt been shared in the share thread you must still make your request in the request section.


The only time it is okay to ask for something in share threads is if it has already been shared and the link is dead, or if it is part of big package and you only want one font.

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