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EF DIN Mittelschrift


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Hello community,


I was asking myself if anyone might be able to help me out with a font by Elsner + Flake, created a long way back in 1985.

I am looking for DIN Mittel EF, preferably the complete family but especially for Bold.


I know, this is slightly similar to other DIN Fonts, but for several reasons this is the font I am looking for quiet desperately.

Would be very much appreciated




Thank you very much for your kind help in advance and a nice weekend to all of you.





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Not bold

The bold (and the other weights except Regular) was never shared.

I have looked up the EF affiliates like URW, Brendel, Softmaker and ScanGraphics, with no result.

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Pleas note: Parv's rips have the advantage of extended char set & OT features, over all the other uploads.

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