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dear all, i am trying to complete my typoart collection.


Typoart - Typografie.info TypoWiki


those i have allready:

lapture, maxima, bt drescher grotesk, ff super grotek, stentor


the following font don't seem that rare to me, but i couldn't find them with a search on this forum (probably they are in some bigger collections, but i am not able to download that much). thanks in advance! i wish you all the best! i should need them for use on mac.


Missale Incana [ASTYPE] (a real beauty imho!!!)

Missale AS-Incana : Style Details : MyFonts



Faust? font family : MyFonts


Garamond No. 5 [EF]

Garamond No. 5 EF? font family : MyFonts


Garamond No. 4 [EF]

Garamond No. 4 font family : MyFonts


Leipziger Antiqua [Profonts]

Leipziger Antiqua? font family : MyFonts


Magna [EF]

Magna EF? font family : MyFonts


Sinkwitz Gothisch [Preustype]

Sinkwitz Gotisch font family : MyFonts


Timeless [EF]



Timeless [uRW]

Timeless font family : MyFonts


Timeless [LT]

Timeless? font family : MyFonts

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Ive moved this from the SHARE section to here, which is the REQUEST section.

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Guest LoremIpsu.me

Sinkwitz Gothic - per request here

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