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Patchway sans serif extreme family (36xOTF) + 1 TTF Designed by Eduardo Tunni https://workupload.com/file/k7SRwrffzw5

Elstob family by Peter Baker (14xOTF/14xTTF) https://workupload.com/file/FTUv3r3ysWh

Atkinson Hyperlegible Download : https://www.brailleinstitute.org/freefont

Guest ketempere

2 Peas Goofball - Lorenzo Simo



309 - Dieter Schumacher



Bedini - MGI Software



Diego - Diego Vallejo



Nevis - Ed Merritt



Pappo's Blues - Para Sujerencias



Philosopher - Erico Lebedenco



Take out the garbage - Kirk Shelton



Vegur - dotcolon (All versions)



VTKS Animal 2 - Douglas Vitkauskas




All packaged here:

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This post might have to be under the PTF post but

since I found this on fontsquirrel.com (that means

its free and you can use them in css), I'm posting here.


I think they look awesome.

pity that you can only download it until 4/1/2012 : (((




AW Conqueror Sans

AW Conqueror Slab

AW Conqueror Carved

AW Conqueror Inline

AW Conqueror Didot


Please remove this post to wherever it is supposed to be

if necessary.


Thank you.

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Guest fatfigo10

Hi all,


Just thought i'd alert you all to the free fonts on the Conqueror Papers website:




Have downloaded them myself and will upload if anyone has any difficulty in accessing the freebies, good luck :-OO


Click on the english version at the bottom left, then click third box along the bottom and follow to typefaces - don't know why but it keeps swinging to the French web pages, ta

Edited by fatfigo10
weblink goes to french pages and not english!
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Guest hottyping

An oldstyle, Garamond-inspired type family (6 styles), with rich of OT features and large glyph set (up to 1386 glyphs). Still under development (not kerned enough yet).

Release: 19 Aug 2010

Specimen: http://aldusleaf.org/specimen.pdf

Home: http://aldusleaf.org/





Direct Download (with Sources): http://aldusleaf.org/crimson_text_100819.zip

Mirror: http://sharemole.com/uokqtsfs


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this one hasn't been shared before, it seems:


junicode (junius unicode)

somewhere inbetween garamond and caslon, a typeface with four weights geared mainly at medievalists, but very useable (and possibly useful, too) for many others, as it includes a huge amount of ligatures and other nice extras.


the regular weight contains more than 3,000 glyphs; the italic more than 2,000; bold and bold italic have some 700 to 800 glyphs.


opentype in ttf-flavor (flav!).


preview and background info here:




download here:


Edited by †Ryuk†
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Tercio by Vicious Circus









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