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Gerhard Helzel Stahl


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Hey there,


I'm Looking for the typeface "Stahl"

It was originally designed by Rudolf Koch and then finished by Hans Kühne, Gebr. Klingspor 1939 after Koch's death.

The only digitized cut I've seen of it is put out by Gerhard Helzel. (http://www.romana-hamburg.de/antiqua.htm)


Example: http://joelevey.com/stahl.gif


This one is pretty obscure, so a huge thanks goes out to anybody that might have it.


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bump for this one.

Also I'm open to suggestion about faces that might be close, I know a few other people have been working on cuts of this that have a different font name, so if you've got something you think looks close, post it up please.

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CG Lisbon™ VP



Download:_http://sharebee.com/077c5880 :YYY



Rudolf Koch _ StahlSteel


_http://moorstation.org/Koch_Memorial/dl/fonts/StahlSteel.zip :o))





Download:_http://sharebee.com/0e86fa03 :YYY

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