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Olivetti Graphika typewriter fonts


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Cassandre Graphika

A proportional font designed by A.M. Cassandre for the Olivetti Graphika (1956).



Reiner Graphika

A proportional font designed by Imre Reiner for the Olivetti Graphika (1956).



Cassandre Classic

Cassandre Classic was designed by Ian Davies in 2013 with the look and feel of the typeface "Cassandre" by A.M. Cassandre for the Olivetti Graphika manual typewriter. lt is not a reproduction of the actual typeface (with the limitations inherent in original typewriter fonts) but a modern printing typeface attempting to capture something of the spirit of Cassandre's original design.


Cassandre Classic is an Open Type postscript font which includes a full complement of accented characters present in MS Windows 1252 Western (ANSI); an alternative set of tabular numbers in addition to the old style default numbers and a full set of small capitals. These attributes can be accessed via the compiled feature table built into the font.


Features have been built into many Open Type fonts for some years but as yet there are few applications able to access them. Adobe InDesign is one which can make full use of built-in features. For example the key combination Shft-Ctrl-H will turn highlighted text from lover case into true small capitals. The same combination here turns numerals from old style into tabular style.


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