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Zynnia Rose


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Zynnia Rose made several fonts c. 2000. Two of the fonts, (Goddesses and WitchyBats), have been available on some obscure sites, but in corrupted form. Another font, Pentacles, is also known as Pentadings, (both names appear in the font info headers). It seems that she was inconsistent in how the internal file names were entered. I did some revisions in September, 2007, and the dingbats were hosted by dingbats-uk.co.uk, until the site closed on September 30, 2009. I think I got the script fonts from Luc Devroye.


This is what is contailed in the .rar:


Originals: ~Goddesses, ~Witchybats, gods, gods read me text file, Pentadings, JillyBeans, CharlieBoy, Chloe Bold Italic, fizzy, Zynnia Rose read me text file. The tilde, (~) prefix indicates problems with the originals. Pentadings works properly, but its' internal file name shows as both Pentadings and Pentacles.


Regenerated: Goddesses, WitchyBats, Pentacles, WitchyBats character guide, (saved as .gif, original file type unknown). My font revisions were only to the internal names in the font info. No glyphs were altered in any way.



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