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DPFonts Dennis Palumbo


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Wouls anyone happen to have any of these font's please?


Baby Block


Brick 3D

Ceramic Tile

Chain Link

Clock - Digital


Decorative Borders

Decorative Borders 2

Decorative Borders 3

Decorative Borders 4

Diamond Plate



First Grade

Flash Cards - Addition



Gallya Ornamented

Highway Broken Line

I Beam


Old English Embellished

Old English Embellished Bold

Old English Embellished Bold Italic

Old English Embellished Italic

Old West

One Stroke


Piano Keyboard

Picket Fence


PVC Pipe

San Serif 3D Shadow

San Serif Outline

San Serif Ultra Condensed

San Serif Ultra Condensed Bold

Serif 3D Shadow

Serif Outline


Vector 3D

Vector Bold

Vector Bold Italic

Vector Italic

PVC Pipe


USA States

Zebra Lumber


Here you can view: The Shareware you can download

Fonts by Dennis Palumbo, B08, Font Gallery - page 1

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I have a purpose for a few of them. I didn't mean to make you all have a good day by telling me you don't like them;; X

Thanks Anyway:;)

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Dennis has been around a long time. He used to design fonts for the Atari...Calamus's proprietary format as well as PostScript fonts. Unfortunately they don't seem to have improved with age. :'')


Still...I can see where there would be a use for some of them...

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This is true, they havent gotten better nor are they pretty or special.;xox

Therefore I REFUSE to pay 12 dollars for a font that someone like 2 peas can do for 3 bucks:-Y

Im sure if no one has these I can use something else that will come close:o))

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I only have one of his fonts (Cheetah.ttf)...and it isn't even on your list, but you're welcome to it...


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