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FTBK Walnetto Casual


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i found out this:

FontBank was vendor for digitizing Photo-lettering fonts before they went bankrupt

when i searched for the font, i found it under Photo-Lettering listings, here is the file, probably made by FontBank in the early 90s


another story


The story goes - there was a retired typographer who asked Photolettering for some help. They gave him the drawing of 100 fonts -- and he made a disk out of it and sold it... they were not happy (this according to one of their lead salespeople at the time.)It included: Advertisers Gothic, Algonquin, Angelface, Barclay, Bauah Geometrics, Benguiat Charisma Contour, Bonaparte, Bostonian, Brazilia, Calendar, Cathode Ray, Deco Geometric Contour, Flair Bold, Fourth of July, Gonzales Jeanette, Grover Xenotype, Hasler Circus, Herculoids, High Button Shoes, Italo, Kilpatrick, Laurent, Lenox Hill, Metropolitaines, Novel Gothic, Obese, Packards, Palo Alto, Parchment, Parisians, Prisma Graphic, Publicity Gothic, Republic, Thompson Baskervales, Vogue Didot, Walnetto Casual, West Behemoth SemiCond, West Futura Casual, West Nouveau Didot and Westervel



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