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Request for scrapbook type fonts help


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I was looking through


and I see a zillion fonts I want. Some are scrapbook-style fonts and I don't see them anywhere else. Does anyone know where else I can find fonts by these designers?

aminmario - links here
Angèle Kamp
Bangrusd      Bang Rusd - links here
Carina Gardner - assortment here (download link)
Creative Cuttable Designs
Dresden Carrie
Erin Doran
Flycatcher Design - links here
Gina Marshall
Jamie Lane Designs
Jennifer Wambach
Larin Type Co. - links here
Lettering Delights - links here
Lori Whitlock
Miss Kate Cuttables
Nic Squirrell
Rhonna Farrer - 2Peas links here
Rivka Wilkins
Samantha Walker - Suzanne C. Walker/Digital Scrapbook Place (DSP) - links here : wonder if they're related?
Sarah Hurley
ScrapNfonts kb
ScrapNfonts ld (see lettering delights above)
ScrapNfonts pn
ScrapNfonts snf - links here
ScrapNfonts zp
Sophie Gallo
Suzanne Cannon
Sweet Elsie

I have an Excel file with pictures of each font I want from there, and the pictures kick off a link to the font on the site. At the bottom of the Excel file are regular-type fonts I may find on CreativeFabrica or elsewhere. I haven't had time to check for them yet. Near the top are the ones I can't find elsewhere, and the designer's name is in the cell next to the picture. I realize this is rather obsessive, but I couldn't think of another way to figure out if I should subscribe to the site, and what kind of a subscription I'd need. They have a credits system.

This is the Excel file. Warning: you too will probably want all the fonts. I know I have some at the bottom but I was loading up my cart fast. Thanks.


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Many scrap fonts are here already

For example - in our Flycatcher Design thread, post#16 had an AIO to date (when posted in 2016)

Lettering Delights (now dba Illustration Ink) thread - HERE - has an updated "scrappy font" glossary of sorts

If there are posts with dead links, as always - it's OK to request for a new link in the corresponding thread!

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I don't know how you keep track of/know all the different designer names and foundry names. I'm always amazed. Thanks for all your help!

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