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I-BEAM Typography Project


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I-BEAM is a national project to see what happens when you ask different creative groups to design their own typeface. Over the past three years IBeam has published 3 editions of fonts by Architects, Dancers and Dyslexics.


With 26 letters and 10 numbers at their disposal, individuals who are specific to their field are approached to develop their own unique set of fonts. Each edition has revealed aspects of each fields creative approach to developing ideas and understanding how to communicate through typed letters.


Available to download from the internet for all to use, the I-BEAM series provide a fascinating insight into how different creative groups design and think.


IBeam Architects Edition http://www.i-dat.org/projects/ibeam/archive.htm

IBeam Dancers Edition http://www.i-dat.org/projects/ibeam/dancers.htm

IBeam Dyslexics Edition http://www.i-dat.org/projects/ibeam/dyslexics.htm


Not really usuable - but I really like such projects - and the fonts are free :-OO




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