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ScanVec Fonts


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Hi there
looking for a font collection of ScanVec, 1990

anybody here could help me out.
Details see here, link is dead


American-Classic, Artcraft, Auburn, Autopista, Avenue, Belwe, Bengel, Bengi, Bloom, Booty, Branding, Broadway, Brophy, Brush, CG-Bodoni, CG-California, CG-Century, CG-Clearface, CG-Cloister, CG-Frontiera, CG-Mellinza, CG-Nashville, CG-Omega, CG-Palacio, CG-Pontiflex, CG-Poster, CG-Trade, CG-Trade, CG-Triumvirate, CG-Trump, Callistyle, Camelot, Carolina, Carolina, Caslon-540, Ccrige, Charlotte, Circular, Claredon, Commercial, Compressed, Computer, Cooper, Copperplate, Crest, Deco, Dom, Domino, Doron, ETC, Egyptian, English, Estelle, Europa, Expo, Extend, Exway1, Exway2, Fancy, Fancy, Fleer, Forecast, Fortune, France1, France2, France3, Franklin, Frieze, Futura, Garamond, Garth, Gem, Gothic, Goudy, Highway, Hobo, Hotdog, Journal, Klass, Laddy, Lilt, Lubo, March, Microstyle, Mon_1, Mon_2, Mon_3, Mon_4, Mon_5, Mon_6, Mon_7, Mon_Block, Mon_BlockShadow, Mon_Gothic, Moon, Murray, Musketer, News, Nuevo, Old, OldEnglish, Park, Quill, Raphael, Roven, Sabon, Sans, Scene, Scripta, Shady, Shape, Shot, Signature, Stymie, Superior, Tarry, Transport, Tropez, Typewriter, Uncial, Velvet, Wide, Windsor, Yearbook, Zarana. 


Thanks in advance



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Company Background: Scanvec Amiable Ltd., formerly Scanvec Ltd., was founded as an Israeli corporation in 1990. The company, which merged in December 1998 with Amiable Technologies Inc., is headquartered in Philadelphia. Scanvec Amiable provides complete professional software solutions from design to production for the signmaking, digital-printing, screenprinting and CNC-machining industries.

Kiryat Atidim Bldg. 1 
61581 Tel Aviv-Yafo 
Phone 03 647 4477
Fax 03 649 0778

these hit on a ScanVec search:

BaskervilleBT Bold.ttf
Ccrige Ccrige.TTF
Ccrige Regular.ttf
folioblack bold bt.ttf
folioextra bold bt.ttf
foliomedium bt.ttf


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