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Gablet and / or Salamander from WiseType / Jacob Wise


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Neither are out - Gablet anticipated (2023),

Salamander showing (2021)...A type revival based on the ‘Augustijn Romeyn’ cut by Christoffel van Dijk in Amsterdam (c. 1640–1647). After in-depth research into the life and work of Van Dijk, Jacob Wise started work on a revival as part of his Type and Media masters year. The revival aims to capture the hand of the punchcutter by using a slower process of digitisation – hand tracing in reverse and sketching only the negative space to better mimic the way in which a punchcutter would work. The typeface is a work in progress but is set for eventual release on WiseType.



Does anyone have a copy? Thanks in advance!

More info here: https://jacobwise.work or https://wisetype.nl/  

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Salamander release status
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